Glazed Vitrified Tiles Advantages and Disadvantages of GVT PGVT Tiles 2021

Are you confused about the Glazed vitrified tiles (GVT-PGVT)? In this article, I will describe the Glazed Vitrified Tiles Advantages and Disadvantages. 


Glazed Vitrified Tiles are Vitrified tiles made using digital technology and have a glazed surface on top. These tiles have low water absorption of 0.5 %. 


Tiles are made with an inkjet printing machine. The digital printing layer is less than 1 mm on the surface of tiles.  Gvt tiles are trending now as they offer a wide range of designs and finishes. GVT tiles look stunning after installed on floors. 

GVT – Matt Finish Tiles

Usage of GVT Tiles – commercial places, airport, hotels, hospitals, residential homes. There are various types, surfaces, finishes, sizes available in glazed vitrified tiles.

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You may have known two types of glazed vitrified tiles known as (GVT- Matt finish), Polished glazed vitrified tiles (PGVT- Glossy finish). These are also called Digital vitrified tiles, polished tiles. 


Glazed Vitrified Tiles Advantages and Disadvantages 


Now we will discuss the Glazed Vitrified Tiles Advantages and Disadvantages 


Advantages of Glazed Vitrified Tiles


  • Durability – the advantage of glazed vitrified tiles is that these tiles are highly durable. Vitrified tiles have less water absorption. As these gvt tiles are non-porous, dust particles no longer stick between tiles. It is the top choice for business and homes due to durability.
  • Wide range of variety- Another advantage of gvt tiles is that it gives the customers a wide range of selection. In this gvt pgvt tiles there are various finishes available such as Matt Finish, Glossy finish, Sugar, Rustic, Baby Satin, High glossy, Metallic, Wooden patterns, and Carving finish.
  • Easy to customize– As it is manufactured utilizing a digital machine, an infinite number of designs can be customized. A digital printer can make any customized design with gvt tiles. If you are going to print any personalized photos on tiles, then it is feasible on gvt. Tiles can achieve the possibility of any look and finish in digitally printed tiles.
  • Resistance – GVT-PGVT tiles have various properties such as resistance to staining, scratches.  As these tiles are moisture-resistant, it prevents bacteria from growing between tiles.
  • Easy to Maintain– GVT tiles are easy to clean and maintain. As these tiles are passed through the vitrification process, it lasts longer and looks better. 

The disadvantage of Glazed Vitrified Tiles


  • Expensive– A significant disadvantage of glazed vitrified tiles is that it is more expensive than ceramic tiles. These tiles are costlier than Nano polished vitrified tiles.
  • Surface Layer – As there is only 0.3 to 1 mm ink surface layer on the top of tiles is not suitable for heavy footfall or traffic areas. The glaze layer may fade away on passing the time. You have not to worry as this time maybe around 10 to 15 years. If the tiles are semi vitrified tiles gvt, then you may also face waviness problems on the surface of tiles. 
  • InstallationInstallation for large slab tiles is also another the disadvantage of glazed vitrified tiles. The proper handling and installation of large slab tiles are essential. You need to hire professional laying people to lay large tiles. There will be slight edges problems in large slab tiles; a spacer is needed between two tiles as the corner’s corner may not fit together the corner. Neat joints may be required on gvt tiles. 
  • Strength – The Glazed vitrified tiles have less strength and life as compared to other vitrified tiles such as double charge tiles and whole body tiles.
  • Repair – If you will be requiring the single piece of gvt tiles, you have brought earlier; then it is not feasible and the manufacturing of the same tiles with the same colour tone after a few years will be difficult.  If you are using grout between tiles, after few years you need to reseal the grout.
  • Wet areas– If glossy tiles are used in wet areas, then there may be chance of slip is possible. Use matt finish tiles in wet areas such as the bathroom, washrooms and outdoor.

GVT tiles advantages and disadvantages

Glazed Vitrified Tiles Advantages and Disadvantages


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GVT-PGVT Tiles Price

There are different prices for GVT-PGVT tiles, according to sizes and surface finishes. 

  • 600×600 Mm – Rs 25 per Square Feet (Ex-Factory Rates)
  • 600×1200 Mm – Rs 30 per Square Feet (Ex-Factory Rates)
  • 800×800 Mm – Rs 35 per Square Feet (Ex-Factory Rates)

The above reference rates are of ex factories. Also, after that, there are other charges such as Loading and unloading Charges, Insurance Charges, Freight Charges, to reach the shop, and to your homes.


Note – these tiles are also known as porcelain tiles outside India. Tiles can differentiate based on Water absorption. Generally, gvt tiles have less than 0.5 % water absorption and the Semi Vitrified tiles have near about 2 to 5 % water absorption. 


Sizes in Gvt Pgvt tiles 


There are also various sizes available in gvt tiles starting from 400×400 mm, 600×600 mm, 800×800 mm, 600×1200 mm, 1000×1000 mm, 800×1200 mm, 800×1600 mm, 1200×1600 mm, and 1600×3200 mm.




Glazed Vitrified Tiles are used in both floors and walls. Nowadays, large slabs of gvt tiles are also used in walls. These tiles are popular in both indoor and outdoor applications due to their smooth texture and glossy finish. 


The Glazed vitrified tiles are popular due to high durability, low porosity, stain-resistant and better aesthetic appeal.


Choosing the suitable tiles depends on individual preferences and needs. 


Friends, I hope you have gained an understanding of the Glazed Vitrified Tiles Advantages and Disadvantages from this article. 


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