800x1600 mm Tiles

What is 800×1600 mm Tiles? 800×1600 GVT-PGVT Tiles

800×1600 mm tiles are slab tiles available in Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT-PGVT). They are also called 2.5×5 Feet tiles, 32×64 Inch GVT Tiles. In this article, I will explain the details regarding 800×1600 mm tiles, how to calculate 800×1600 mm area, 800×1600 tiles weight, 800×1600 tiles price, and 800×1600 tiles in morbi manufacturers. 

800×1600 mm Tiles

The 800 x 1600 tiles are the latest slab tiles which are very much popular and better in many aspects. They are resistant to stain, scratch, and wear-resistant. These tiles are highly durable and non-slip.

800×1600 mm tiles are available in mainly two types. One is Glazed Vitrified tiles and the other is Full body vitrified tiles

80×160 Cm Glazed Vitrified tiles are made using a digital printing machine. It has a glaze coating over the surface of tiles. There are an infinite number of designs and patterns available in these tiles. 

These tiles are stronger as they are made using the vitrification process. In some countries, these tiles are also called porcelain tiles. The vitrified tiles are having a water absorption of less than 0.05 percent. 

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Most 800×1600 tiles are available in glazed vitrified tiles (GVT-PGVT). 

  1. GVT– Matt Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles.
  2. PGVT – Glossy Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles.
Reference Image- Seron Granito

Specification of 800×1600 mm GVT Tiles


Tiles size 800×1600 mm = 80×160 cm = 2.5×5 feet = 32×64 inch
Water Absorption less than 0.05 % for Vitrified Tiles
Tile Thickness 8 to 10 mm. Generally, it’s 9 mm thickness for 800x1600mm tiles.
Square meter per box 2.56
Square Feet per box 27.56
Weight per box 55* Kg
No of tiles per box 2
Packing Regular, wooden pallet, iron pallet

How many Square Feet on 800*1600 tiles box

To calculate the 800 x 1600 tiles in square feet, you have to know the number of tiles per box. In one box of 800×1600, there are 2 tiles packed in a single box

800*1600 mm Tiles x 2 (tiles per box) = 800x1600x2 = 2560000 Sq mm 

Which is equal to 2.56 sq meters per box. 

800×1600 Tiles in Feet

The measurement of 800×1600 tiles in feet can be done as below

Now to calculate the square feet, multiply this by (10.76) = 2.56 Sq Mt x 10.7627.56 Square feet

In short one box of 800*1600 mm tiles covers an area of 27.54 square feet and 2.56 square meters. 

800×1600 mm tiles one box consits of  27.56 Square feet 2.56 Square meter. 

If you need to know the 800×1600 tiles in inches, then it is 800mm-32 Inch and 1600mm-64 inch

800x1600mm = 32×64 Inches 

So now whenever you are going to purchase any tiles, you can measure with the above calculation for measurement of the area covered per box. 

800×1600 Tiles Coverage

The tile cover for 800×1600 mm is 27.56 square feet per box. The tiles-covered area for 80*160 cm will be 2.56 square meters per box

For each tile, the coverage area of 800×1600 per tile is 13.78 square feet. 

800 x 1600 Tiles packing details

The 800×1600 tiles consist of 2 tiles per box. There are various packaging options available such as normal loose packing, wooden pallets, and an Iron rack for 2.5*5 feet tiles. It depends upon tile manufacture and the quality of tiles. 

Remember if you are looking for better safety, then an iron pallet or wooden pallet is recommended while transportation to your place. 

Square feet per box – 27.56

Square meter per box– 2.56

The total box per container of 80*160 cm will be 460 to 475 boxes. 

800×1600 Tiles box weight

The Weight of 800×1600 mm tiles ranges from 55 to 70 Kg per box. The weight depends upon the tile’s manufacturers. The average weight for 800×1600 mm tiles is 55 Kg per box

As the quality and thickness of tiles increase, so the weight of tiles increases per box. This is only what the tiles box weighs. If it is packed in pallets, then the total weight increase. 

The weight for 800×1600 mm tiles with a thickness of 12 mm is 65 kg per box. 

What types of Finishes are Available in 800×1600 mm Tiles  

There are various types of surface finish for 800×1600 tiles such as 

  • Matt finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • High Glossy
  • Carving
  • Lapato
  • Sugar finish
  • Baby Satin Finish
  • Rustic Finish

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800×1600 Tiles price

The prices start from 70 to 200 per square foot. These rates are for Ex-Factory. There are also other charges you need to consider such as transportation charges, loading and unloading charges, Insurance charges, and special packaging charges(Pallet or Iron Frame). 

Suppose you want to calculate the price of 800×1600 mm per box, then multiply the price per square feet (Rs 100) x 27.56 (total area covered per box ) = 100*27.56 = 2756 price per single box having 27.56 square feet area. 

If you want the rates in a square meter, then first convert the basic square feet rates into square meter = 100 (rates per square feet) * 10.76 = 1076 per square meter rates of 800×1600 mm. 

Then multiply by 2.56 = Rs 1076* 2.56 (Total area covered per box in Square meter) = 1076*2.56 = 2754 Rs 

The starting price of 800×1600 vitrified tiles is from Rs 70* per square foot (18% GST Extra)

Remember that the rates are Ex-factory basic rates. These are not the retail rates as many other charges are added. The transportation charges are also high for these slab tiles as they are bulky and take up more space. 

The rates are also depending upon the packaging of tiles such as wooden pallets, loose packing, and iron pallets. The rates may be increased or decreased as per the company tiles manufacturer. 

Usage of 800*1600 mm Tiles

These tiles are used in Living rooms, restaurants, Commercial places, Offices, Homes, bedrooms, and hospitals. 

  • Floor & Wall
  • Kitchen Countertop
  • Dining Table
  • Cabinets and Door
  • Backsplash Panel
  • Showers Panel
  • Staircase
  • Vanity Top
  • Shelves

800×1600 Mm tiles manufacturers

There are many different 800×1600 mm tiles manufacturers in morbi as well as in other parts of India. You can check the below list of various tile manufacturers making 80×160 cm slab tiles.

Seron Granito 800×1600 Tiles Catalog Orient bell Tiles 800×1600 mm Nitco 800×1600 mm Tiles
Simpolo Ceramics 800×1600 Tiles Catalog Accord Vitrified 800×1600 Tiles Slab Catalog Asian Granito AGl 800×1600 mm tiles
Rollza Granito 800×1600 mm Tiles Cruso Granito Slab tiles catalogue Gruppo Nueva
Nessa Vitrified 80*160 Cm Tiles Catalog Sunhearrt Ceramik Tiles 800×1600 mm Boffo Granito 800×1600 Tiles Catalog
Kajaria Ceramics 800×1600 Tiles Catalog Somany Ceramics Slab tiles master 2022 Catalog RAK Ceramics 800×1600 tiles catalog
Sparten Granito Motto Tile Slim Tiles Ramos Ceramics  800×1600 mm
Ibis Marble 800×1600 porcelain Slab Lioli Ceramica slab tiles Icon GVT Tiles 800×1600 mm
Creanza 80×160 Cm catalogue Granicer Ceramica 80×160 Cm catalogue Livenza Granito 800×1600 mm Tiles Catalog
Exxaro Tiles 80*160 cm tiles catalog Metro Slab tiles 800×1600 catalog

Useful Tips for 800×1600 mm tiles

These tiles are generally used on the floor but can be laid on walls with proper usage of tile adhesive. As these tiles weigh more, it is recommended to use vitrified tiles adhesive

General in 800*1600 mm GVT PGVT tiles has random designs. No two tiles will be similar as it is made using various parts of marble pieces. As their tiles are printed with random phases of marbles, you might see some texture variation between various tiles. This is done to look like a natural surface.

A spacer is recommended between 800×1600 tiles, as there will be a slight bend between tiles. There may be light bending between large slab tiles. You need to take proper care while installing these tiles. 

As these 800×1600 tiles are bigger and have higher weight, proper care must be taken in loading, unloading, and installing tiles. You need to take proper leveling tools while installing these slab tiles.

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