Double Charge Tiles

What are Double Charge Vitrified Tiles?

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

In this article, we will be discussing the trending and Popular Double Charge Vitrified Tiles (DC). Types of DC tiles, features of DC vitrified tiles, and Uses of Double Charge. 


If you are looking for ceramic tiles for your new home, then this article will guide you through the Double Charge vitrified tiles. There are many types of Ceramic tiles such as Floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom tiles, Nano polished vitrified tiles, Glazed vitrified tiles, and Double charge vitrified tiles. 

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles are popular for both residential and commercial use. They are scratch-resistant and can withstand heavy traffic with long-lasting tiles. it is used in Hotels, restaurants, malls, libraries, hospitals, and homes. 

As there is a thick layer on top of double charge vitrified tiles it is ideal for heavy traffic and commercial areas such as malls, airports, and public places.

Benefits of Double Charge Tiles

  • Stain, Wear, and Scratches Resistance.
  • Smooth finish with nano-coating.
  • It is Easy to Clean and Maintain. 
  • Strong, Durable, and long-lasting tiles.
  • Low water absorption.

Applications areas 

  • Commercial Space
  • Residential Space
  • Bathroom Space
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen and outdoor area
  • Elevation and Terrace Space 

Basic Process of Making Double Charge Tiles

As the name suggests, double charge tiles are manufactured by combining two layers. It is also Double loading tiles. You will see two layers in DC tiles when looking from the sides. It is a type of vitrified tile in which the tiles are made with the help of feeders. 

The Feeder is attached to the backside of the press. It is having various belts and rolls from which the two Layers. The designs are imprints on the top layer of tiles.

1 – Upper Layer of Tiles – Colours consists of a design mixture which is around 30 percent. There is a thick layer of design on top of tiles around 3 to 4 mm depending upon the sizes of vitrified tiles. The upper layer is formed using various colors pigment. 

2 – Lower Layer of Tiles – Base Body is formed using various raw materials such as Feldspar, clays, and other minerals with various chemicals. 

After that, it is passed through hydraulic presses which print the design with the help of feeders under high pressure where the tiles are formed and fed to the Kiln furnace. 

Also, DC tiles are passed through Nano Coating Machine which pours Nano chemical into tiles that make tiles durable and long-lasting. It is available in a polished finish with Nano coating. There is also a matte finish in DC tiles which is less popular.  

There are Limited designs available in double charge vitrified tiles as it is based on the availability of feeders. As the design patterns can be limited produced, fixed design is only available. Double charge tiles have higher MOH than digital tiles.

Sizes in Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

There are various sizes available for DC tiles. The most popular and in-demand size for the double charge is 600 x 600 Mm (2×2 Ft).  

1 – 600 x 600 Mm – 4 pieces per box – 28 Kg – 15.5 Sq Ft – 1.44 Sq mt. 

2 – 600 x 1200 Mm – 2 pieces per box – 30 kg – 15.5 Sq Ft – 1.44 Sq mt.

3 – 800 x 800 Mm – 3 pieces per box – 40 kg – 20.67 Sq Ft – 1.92 Sq Mt

4 – 800 x 1200 Mm – 2 pieces per box – 45 kg – 20.67 Sq Ft – 1.92 Sq Mt.

The Thickness is around 8 to 10 Mm depending upon the sizes. 

The tiles are Packed in a corrugated Box with Plastic Strap winded and for export it is packed in wooden pallets. 

Price For Double Charge Tiles 

The price for Double Charge tiles starts from Rs 25 to Rs 35 per Square Feet for 600 x 600 Mm for Ex-factory rates(18% GST Extra). Depending upon the special design and patterns it will be different prices according to the various companies. 

Various types of DC tiles according to colors of tiles

There are various series in Double charge Tiles such as Amazon and Tropicana. Mainly two types of tiles such as Light Colour and Dark Colour tiles are classified in Double charge tiles 

Light Colour – Cream, Beige, Pink.

Dark Colour – Red, Black, Brown, Green. 

There are various technical specifications for vitrified tiles such as Breaking Strength, Deviation in Thickness, Modulus of Rupture, Resistance To Household Chemicals and Staining, Surface Flatness, Thermal Shock Resistance, Deviation in Length and Width, Scratching Resistance and Bulk Density. 


The Double Charge Vitrified Tiles provides a premium marble look and finish. it has various sizes and colors. As there are various advantages such as strong, stain-free, and scratches resistance this may be the best choice for your home. 

As the tiles are highly durable and can withstand for longer duration it makes the DC tiles a better choice for commercial projects and retail homes.


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