Increase Wall tiles Prices

Morbi Ceramic Manufacturers Association to Increase Wall Tiles Prices from 28th April 2022

The Morbi Ceramic Association has decided to Increase Wall Tiles prices starting from 28th April 2022 due to the increase in Coal prices, Gas Fuel prices, Raw materials, Packaging, transportation, and Wages. 

Increase Wall tiles Prices per box 

This New Rates of wall tiles will apply from 28th April 2022. 

Wall tiles Sizes Increase in Basic price per box 
8*12 Inch 5 Rs per box 
10*15 Inch 7 Rs per box 
12*18 Inch 10 Rs per box 
12*24 Inch 15 Rs per box 

Factors affecting the Increase Wall tiles Prices 

There are various factors that have forced morbi wall tiles manufacturers, to increase the price of wall tiles. 

Coal prices– the increase in coal prices plays a major role in the increase of wall tiles prices in India. Severe shortage in coal all over the world has led to the sudden rise of coal prices in India. This affects the tile manufacturers. Coal is used in Spray Drier for making powder from tiles slurry. 

Gas fuel prices – Another important factor that has an impact on wall tiles manufacturers are gas fuel prices. Before in Morbi, the majority of wall tiles manufacturers were using natural gas (PNG) as a fuel in Kiln. But after the sudden increase in the price of natural gas, many tile factories have started using Propane gas and LPG Bottle gas as a substitute for fuel in kilns. But due to the increase in the price of natural gas, Propane gas, and LPG gas bottles the tile manufacturers have been forced to increase the prices of tiles. 

Packaging price – Starting from December 2021, the rates of kraft paper and white paper have started to increase. This has led to an increase in the price of empty corrugated boxes used in packaging the tiles. The paper price has led to an increase of 30 to 40 percent of the total box value. The ongoing shortage of paper in India has led to an increase in the price of boxes.

Transportation freight – Due to the increase in oil prices, the price of Diesel has increased significantly over the past months. This has led to an increase in the freight of goods for raw materials used in making tiles. 

Raw materials price – over the past months, there has been a price hike in almost all the materials used in making tiles such as digital inks, Glaze frits, Powder, Chemicals, abrasives, and many other materials. 

Wages – An increase in prices of food, vegetables, and daily necessary items has led to an increase in the labor wages in tile factories. 

Wall tiles are a part of ceramic tiles used in homes, offices, and commercial places. It is used for decorating walls. It consists of a ceramic body with glazed coated over the surface of tiles. 

Day by day there is a rise in usage of Vitrified tiles 600×600 and 600×1200 mm GVT PGVT Vitrified Tiles. This has led to reduced usage of wall tiles. 

Many Wall tiles factories have shifted to parking tiles (300×300 mm, 600x600mm) or Porcelain tiles (600x600mm, 600x1200mm) due to low demand and rate factors

As per the last 4 months, due to the increase in raw materials prices morbi tiles manufacturers have faced huge problems in maintaining the prices of the tiles.

International tile exports have also declined due to the pandemic across the world.

If this situation continues further then, many more tile factories will be forced to shut down. The main problem currently everyone is facing is liquidity. This has lead to increase wall tiles prices starting from today. 

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