Review for Pidilite T16 Roff Tile Cleaner – Best Tile Cleaner

If you are looking for the best tile cleaner for your bathroom, then the Roff tile cleaner is one the best and most popular tiles cleaner. In this article I will review how to use Roff Tile cleaner in the bathroom, usage of roff tiles cleaner, precautions to keep while using this tile cleaner. 

Roff Tile Cleaner review – How to Remove Hard Stains from tiles in Bathroom

Roff Cera Clean tile cleaner

Roff tile cleaner is a rapid cleaner used to remove dirt and stains on tiles, washbasin, bathtubs, and wall surfaces. Roff tile cleaner is a liquid chemical used for cleaning floors and walls.

It is a Reddish Liquid chemical that removes stains of cement, colour, and chemicals on surfaces of tiles. It cleanses the tile’s surface fast and without damaging the surface. 

This tile cleaner is non-corrosive and it helps to protect the tiles’ surfaces. Unlike other acid and cleaning agents, this will not damage the surfaces if used properly.  

Usage of Roff Cera Chemical 

Roff Tile cleaner is a Multi-Surface tile and floor cleaner

As time passes, the floor surfaces in bathrooms will have a thin layer of dirt and grime. To maintain the surfaces, proper cleaning is necessary for a while. 

This roff tile cleaner removes

  • Yellow Stains
  • White Calcium deposits on tiles
  • Black Spots
  • Soap Scum
  • Cement dirt
  • Lime and watermarks 
  • Oil and paints stains

Area of use

The roff tile chemical is Rapid action tile and ceramic cleaner.

It is used for cleaning floor and wall surfaces in the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, residential and commercial usage.

It can be used to clean ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, and sanitarywares. 

This tile cleaner will not damage the floor surfaces if used in the described manner. Don’t use it on wooden or metal surfaces. This chemical is meant for tiles only. 

Features of Roff Tile Cleaner

  • Easy to use a mix with water and apply to the surface
  • Removes difficult stains fast and effective
  • Cleans ceramic and vitrified tiles
  • Protect the color and shine of the tile’s surface.

Price for Roff Tile Cleaner 

Roff Tile Cleaner is manufactured by Pidilite Industries. The Generic Name ‏is Roff Cera Clean Rapid Tile and Ceramic Cleaner

The Roff tiles cleaner is available in 500 ml and 1-liter packs. 

The price for roff tiles cleaner 500 ml is Rs 100-105 and for 1 liter price is Rs 160-170 

Things to keep before using roff tiles cleaner

First, you need to have the following items to ensure proper usage of tile cleaner.  

-Water buckets 

-Scrubber to remove hard stains and watermarks –

-Old clothes to wipe the surfaces 

-Rubber Hand Gloves pair 

-Toilet Cleaner

-Plastic bowl or Waste container 

-Hand brush

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How to Use Roff Tile chemical 

The roff tiles cleaner can be used in two ways 

  1. Use directly without diluting the chemical for heavy stains and dirt
  2. For mild stains, mix roff floor cleaner liquid with water in the ratio of 1:1. 

Instruction for the usage of Roff tiles cleaner

Note– If you have not tried this chemical, then start with a small portion in the bathroom. Mix the tiles cleaner with water and apply to the surface. Keep the chemical for 5 minutes and after that, you can use the scrub or brush to remove the dirt easily. 

Leave the surfaces for 24 hours to check if there are any changes in the surface of the tiles. If it is cleaned then start cleaning the remaining parts of the bathroom. 

  • 1- Take out the roof tiles cleaner in a plastic or fiber bucket. For normal stains use a 1:1 ratio of water to the chemical liquid. If there are hard stains you can use chemicals directly without mixing of water.

Note – Do not add too much water to the chemical as it will not be effective once the liquid gets more diluted. 

You must use Hand gloves to protect your hands. 

  • 2- Pour the liquid slowly in place of stains. If the stains are mild, rub the scrub pad to the tile’s surface and directly wash it with water till the stains are removed.  Apply this mixture with the help of a sponge or a cloth and rub it on the surface of the tiles.

If there are hard stains, keep the roof tile cleaner for 5 to 10 minutes and after that rub with a scrub pad with some normal force to remove stains. You can also use some sharp objects to remove cement stains. 

  • 3 – Use a heavy scrub pad with protective gloves in case of removing hard stains. Also, wash your gloves in the middle of the cleaning process.

Select the small area one by one. Don’t clean the full area of the bathroom at once. Due to this, there will be less time to scrub the tiles and if not washed with water after 5 minutes it may also damage the surface of the tile if the chemical is highly concreted.  

  • 4- Don’t apply the concentrated liquid in places of white cement or on color grout between the tiles. It may damage the grout if not cleaned directly with a cloth after applying the liquid. 
  • 5- Now after cleaning the tile surface, you can wash the bathroom with water. You can also use a clean cloth for wiping the surfaces. If any small drops or stains are left, repeat the process above. 

Precautions and Useful tips for Roff Tile cleaner 

  • It is advisable to use gloves while cleaning with this chemical. It may cause mild itching or irritation. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and face protection
  • Don’t keep this chemical near to the reach of children. This chemical is a strong liquid. 
  • Take the precaution of grouting between the tiles. Many people have faced the issue of removing the grout cement between the tiles. 
  • You need to take precautions as if this liquid is poured on other surfaces such as furniture, handles, and plastic items in the bathroom. It can damage the items. 
  • Don’t use this tile cleaner regularly. Use only when the bathroom have heavy stains or any stubborn stains 
  • If in case of contact with face or eyes, wash immediately with clean water and seek medical help if any problem arises. 
  • Wear your slippers at the time of cleaning. Wash hands after use  
  • Check over other surfaces for a small part before applying to granite, concrete, or marble stone. 
  • I have not tried this chemical over marble or stone surfaces. Do not use this chemical with metals and glass.

Final Verdict of Roff Tile cleaner

I have brought this roff tiles cleaner after a lot of research and review. Interestingly it is one of the best tile cleaners to remove hard stains and dirt from bathroom and kitchen areas. 

Roff Cera Cleaner has been specially designed to clean the tile’s surface and sanitary wares such as washbasin, urinals, and wall hung.  

It is used to remove the whitish and yellowish strings on tiles and ceramics surfaces. This chemical keeps your surface clean and does not damage the tiles. 


This article is for informational purposes only. I have tried this product for cleaning the tile surface. You need to check on a small portion of your bathroom before using the whole part as it can also damage the surfaces of the tiles. If this chemical is not used in the proper method, it can damage the shine of tiles and surfaces. For more information, please check the product description before purchasing. 

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