Handmade Tiles in India

Buy Online Handmade Tiles in India by Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery-2×2, 3×3, 4×4 Inch Tiles

This article will discuss various handmade tiles in India manufactured by Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery at Jaipur, Rajasthan. There are various sizes available in handmade tiles such as 2×2 inch, 3×3, 4×4, 6×6 inch tiles and many more sizes. 

Blue Pottery is a traditional craft of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Skilled artists have handcrafted these tiles. 

This handmade tiles are made of ceramic tiles. It is also called blue pottery decorative tiles.

Handmade Tiles in India

There are many handmade tiles manufacturers in India making handmade tiles. Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery (Jaipur) is one of the famous handmade tiles manufacturers in India

The Hand printed designs cannot be made with any digital prints. It is made using artistic skills. Making Hand made things required a lot of dedication and expertise.

There are many different colors available in those tiles. You can also have various combinations like blue & white, Red & Green, and yellow & blue

Usage of Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles are available in a satin finish and glossy finish. There are various geometric patterns, floral designs, and blue and white combinations. 

The handmade tiles are used in home décor, kitchen backsplashes, washroom décor, living room, restaurant, bedroom, office wall décor, furniture, bathroom, border tiles, and wall hanging.

These handmade tiles are not used for flooring. It is used for only wall or product decorating. 

Tiles can be used inside as well on the exterior. You can renovate your tables, furniture, glass, and backsplash.

Handmade tiles Description

Decorate your home with beautiful and handcrafted tiles. 

  • Traditional Handmade tile
  • Type of Tiles – Ceramic Tiles
  • Color– Multi colors
  • Country of Origin – Made in India
  • Size – 2×2,3×3,4×4,5×5,6×6 inch
  • Packaging – It is packed in a box with a packing layer inside the box. 
  • The tile’s thickness starts from 5 mm, depending upon tile sizes. 

Popular handmade tiles are available online in India

This handmade tiles in India are available on Amazon. you can check the images and description. for more details and images visit the below link. 

2 x 2 inch Tiles
Pack of 20 Tiles
Colors-(Blue, Yellow & Multi)
Package Dimensions : 18 x 10 x 10 cm;
Weight- 450 Grams

3X3 Inch handmade tiles
Box- 16 tiles per pack
Item Weight : 900 g
Colour- Multicolor

4×4 Inch Handmade tiles
Box- 6 tiles per pack
Item Weight : 450 grams

Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery Ceramic High Lighter Wall Tiles 4 x 4 Inch

Blue & White
Set of 6 Tiles
Size : 4 X 4 Inch
Item Weight : 450 grams

Sky Blue & Multi
2×2 Inch Tiles
Tiles Per pack – 20 Tiles
Package Dimensions : 18 x 10 x 10 cm;
Weight – 500 Grams

Colour – White & Multi
6×6 Inch Handmade tiles
Tiles pack – 6 tiles
Package Dimensions : 18 x 18 x 10 cm
Weight box – 1.8 Kilograms

If you are looking for a set of tiles required for a fixed area, you can try this 12×18 inch set. It is 6×6 inch tiles.

6×6 Inch Tiles
12 x 18 inch set tiles
Colour Blue


You can also check out the other Popular Handmade tiles in India on Amazon 

Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery Multi Patterned Ceramic 4 x 4 inch Tiles (Pack of 6 Tiles)
Shiv Kripa Blue Art Pottery handmade Tiles (2 * 4 inch/Set of 3 Tiles)
Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery Home Décor Tile Bathroom Tiles 6 x 6 Inch Set of 4 Tiles (Sky Blue & Multi)

Steps to make Handmade tiles 

  • Preparing the mixture and Making the Mould
  • Filling the dough into the mold. 
  • Smoothing and finishing 
  • Glazing and Painting manually 
  • Firing and cooling 

These tiles are made through pottery works. The pottery is also used to make kitchenware, flower plots, toiletry, home décor products.

How to stick these handmade tiles

Furniture: For sticking these tiles onto furniture and wooden things, you can use fevicol or All fix adhesive. It would be best to let the tiles dry for 12 to 24 hours after laying on the surfaces.

Iron – You can use Aerolite to stick this tiles on the Iron surfaces. 

These tiles can be stick to the wall with adhesive. you can also use Araldite Standard Epoxy Adhesive to stick these handmade tiles

Factory Address of Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery 

207, Asindnager Behind Sparesh Hospital 

Mansarover Road, Sanganer, 

Jaipur 302029 India

This type of handmade tile looks beautiful in your Home & Kitchen. These tiles are excellent, beautiful, and unique. It comes with proper packaging in a box. 

Handcrafted tiles can make an ordinary table into a beautiful table. Handmade tiles add a luxury finish to your home décor. handmade tiles in India.

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