What are Poster Tiles – Wall Poster Designs

Poster Tiles are a type of wall tiles that are used for decorating and highlighting the walls. It is available in Matt and glossy finish. 

Poster Tiles 

You may have also seen many different posters in wooden frames, but nowadays due to digital printing technology on tiles it is easy to customize on the various wall and floor tiles. 

Poster Tiles are available in ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles, these tiles can be used to decorate the walls of your home or offices. 

It can be decorated in living rooms by placing a single poster or a combination of tiles which will look like a single piece poster. 

Poster tiles can be used in the Living room, bedroom, balcony, pooja room, and elevations. These tiles are packed in a corrugated box or Thermocol box for safety and preventing damage of tiles. 

Generally, Wall tiles posters such as 12×18, 12×24, and 10×15 Inch are available in ceramic tiles, whereas the large poster tiles such as 2×4 Feet are in Vitrified tiles.

It can be used in offices, restaurants, commercial spaces, and residential homes. 

Poster Wall Tiles Design 

Various types of images, designs, textures can be easily customized and crafted according to demands. 

Types of poster tiles 

  • God Images – Ganesh Bhagwan, Radha Krishna Bhagwan
  • Animals Images – Horses, Lions, Tiger
  • Birds Images – Peacock, Dove
  • Nature – mountains, hills, greenery, landscape 
  • Cartoons – Mickey Mouse, Chhota Bheem, Tom & Jerry 
  • Village – Temple, Gardens
  • Beach, Flowers, 
  • 3D images 

Poster Tiles

It can also be customized as it is manufactured using Inkjet Digital Printing machines. Any type of image can be also printed on poster tiles. The layer of digital printing on these tiles is less than 1 mm.

Sizes Available in Poster Tiles 

The tiles set is packed according to the poster images. One Box can have only a single Poster only. 

You can select different types of poster sizes as per your requirement. 

  • 8×12 Inch – (200×300 mm)  
  • 10×15 Inch – (250×375 mm)
  • 12×18 Inch – (300×450 mm) – 1×1.5 Feet
  • 12×24 Inch – (300×600 mm) – 1×2 Feet
  • 24×48 Inch – (600×1200 mm) – 2×4 Feet

Mainly 12×18 and 12×24 Inch poster tiles are used in kitchen and living rooms as they are lighter and budget-friendly. 8×12 and 10×15 Inch Tiles are less seen in the market. 

You can lay according to different sizes such as 2×5, 2×3, 3×5 Feet, or any size depending upon the space available. The sets maybe 3 pieces, 6 pieces, 10 pieces per one poster set depending upon the sizes.  

Prices for Poster Wall Tiles 

There are different prices for poster ceramics tiles and vitrified tiles. Also upon the finish such as glossy or matt, the rates may be different. 

The price may be in Square feet or per Piece of the tiles. 

For wall tiles, the prices are set according to the tiles size and tiles per box packaging. 

The rates for small poster sizes such as 12×18 and 12×24 starts from Rs 50 to 500 per Piece. The boxes rates are around Rs 2000 to 4000 depending upon the tiles set per one box. 

For large poster sizes, it is available in piece-rate or square feet in India. 600×1200 mm or 2×4 Feet price ranges from Rs 50 to 150 per Square feet depending upon the tiles surfaces and applications. 

It is available in various sets like 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20 Tiles per box, and many more depending upon the sizes. 

For large sizes such as 600×1200, it may be available in only a single-piece design and 2 pieces per box.

Final Thought 

Creating a better wall impression can be done with the help of Poster tiles. These tiles are available in various Colors, Patterns, Finish, and Designs. Poster tiles can be a good option in your living room, kids room, and kitchen

Many different manufacturers make poster tiles. You can select the different types of posters depending upon your budget and area to be covered.  

I hope you liked my article. If any doubt please comment on the below box. 

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