What are the Wooden Plank Tiles? 200×1200 MM

Wooden Plank Tiles

Wooden Plank Tiles are one of the types of tiles used in flooring. The Plank tiles are available in Ceramic body and Vitrified body(porcelain) depending upon the countries and usage. 

There are major 2 sizes available in planks such as 200×1200 and 200×600 Mm.

Wood is very much used in building material at every part of our house. There are many things manufactured using wood like furniture, decorations, and packaging. These tiles look like wooden planks.  

Nowadays the wooden planks tiles are very popular due to their aesthetic feel and unique designs concept. An infinite number of tile possibilities can be achieved with the help of inject technology. Realistic wood patterns are also available. 

Usage of tiles – It is used in residential homes, hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces.

There are various advantages of vitrified tiles such as Low Water absorption, Low porosity, Durability, Resistance to stain, scratches, and moisture.

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Sizes available in Plank Tiles 

Depending upon the country area there are different sizes available in the market. 

In India, the popular plank tiles sizes are 200×1200 Mm and 200×600 Mm. Whereas in other countries such as the USA, the UK, and many European countries the sizes of plank tiles are in 6×24, 8×24, 6×36 Inch, and many more.  

  • 200×1200 mm – 8×48 Inch 
  • 200×600 Mm – 8×24 Inch
  • 150×600 Mm – 6×24 Inch 
  • 150×900 Mm – 6×36 Inch 

You may also see many different sizes like 196*1200, 205×1200, these are the different sizes according to the factory measurement. The main common size is around 200×1200 Mm. Longer format tiles are now quite popular and a growing trend everywhere.  

The Thickness ranges from 8 to 10 mm depending upon the sizes. 

Reference – 200×1200 Mm Area Measurement 

  • Tiles per Box – 5 Pieces
  • Area Covered – 1.20 Sq Mt or 12.92 Square Feet. 
  • Weight per Box – 28 Kg
  • Packaging- Corrugated Box with PP strap. 

Finish available in plank tiles

There are various surface finish available in the plank tiles such as

  • Satin Finish
  • Matt Finish
  • Rustic Finish 
  • Glossy Finish 

The majority of matt finish tiles are common and particular wooden designs have quite good aesthetics. 

Manufacturing Process of Wooden Plank Tiles

The main thing to know is whether these tiles are made using Mould or by Cutting from the larger tiles. 

The first-way manufacturing process is that the tiles are manufactured in a hydraulic press mold with the exact dimensions like 200×1200 Mm. It can have 3 to 5 tiles manufactured using a single cavity mold in the press. 

The second way is that the first the tiles such as 600×1200 or 600×600 are taken and then with the help of cutting machines the tiles are converted into planks with accurate dimensions such as 200×1200 and 200×600 Mm. 

The difference between those two ways can be noticed with many factors such as Arrow Marking, Company logo, Edges design, and Backside viewing. 

Plank tiles manufacturing process using Mould 

These tiles are made using the same process as Glazed vitrified tiles. You can get high definition clarity of design in wooden planks as it is made using high volume Inkjet digital printers.  

These tiles are manufactured using hydraulic presses. The tiles are pre-baked in a dryer after passing out from the press. After that various glazed surface coatings are sprayed on the surface of the tile. 

It allows different types of designs to be printed on the surface of the tiles like stone, marble, wooden. 

After that, the Inkjet Printing machines are used to print the various designs and patterns. The tiles are passed through the kiln at a temperature around 1100- 1200 c where it is baked to become strong and durable tiles. 

The sizing machine according to the required size sets the proper tile dimensions and removes the excess edges using sizing and squaring machines. 

Wooden Tiles Price 

The Price for 200×1200 Mm Matt Finish tiles starts from Rs 30 to 45 per Square Feet depending upon the thickness and texture patterns. This is the popular and best size for wooden planks. 

For 200×600 Mm the price starts from Rs 25 to 35 per Square feet. 

There may be a different number of tiles packed in one box depending upon the manufacture and target market. 

Wooden Plank Tiles

Laying pattern

There are various patterns in which the tiles can be laid on walls and floors such as staggered patterns, sketcher, herringbone, and bricklaying patterns.

You need to know some technical points before laying the plank tiles in a random pattern otherwise there will be many problems. 

The Laying instruction will be mentioned in the box. Spaces are advisable and recommended in the box for perfect laying. 

Final Thought

Wooden Plank Tiles can give your homes the exact look like wood designs. These tiles are durable, resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Plank tiles are a new trend in home flooring. Renovated your homes or office with the popular and classy and cozy touch wooden tiles. Plank tiles are available in both vitrified tiles as well as ceramic tiles.

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