A Guide to Ceramic Digital Wall Tiles – Types and Sizes

In this article I will describe the details regarding what are Ceramic Digital Wall tiles, Sizes available in Digital tiles, Types of wall tiles based on Colors, Surface, Glaze, Printing, and Usage. The walls are an important part of your home.


Types of ceramic tiles


Mainly there are two categories for ceramic tiles such as 


  • Floor tiles 
  • Wall tiles 

What are Digital Tiles?


Wall tiles or digital tiles are used for decorating your walls. There are many varieties, sizes, shapes, colors, finishes available in wall tiles.


Wall tiles can be differentiated from Vitrified tiles based on raw materials, strength, and water absorption. Ceramic wall tiles have higher water absorption.  


Selecting the right sizes and design can be very confusing for wall tiles as there are many different factors such as Price, Area, colors, matching, and many more. Interior designers and architects suggest Matt finish tiles as they have a smooth and rich texture.  


Wall tiles are classified on the group 0. Wall tiles have zero-rating on the PEI scale. Wall tiles are lighter and thinner than ceramic floor tiles. It is not resistant to Abrasive forces. 


Wall tiles are to be used on walls only as they are not durable for floor usage. It is also not suitable for outdoor usage. It has a softer body as compared to ceramic floor tiles. 


There are also vitrified wall tiles manufactured in wall tiles that are of high strength, scratch resistance, and stronger than regular wall tiles. It is more expensive than regular wall tiles.  


The wall tiles can be used in Kitchens, bathrooms, and living room areas. There are also plain colors available in wall tiles such as blue, pink, grey, orange, red, and black. 


Types of Ceramic Wall tiles


As it has many Colors, Patterns, Finish, Body, Printing, surface, and designs available. Therefore it can be easily customized according to your needs.


digital wall tiles


Based on Printing 

  • Digital Printing Tiles
  • Non-Digital Tiles

Based on Usage

  • Bathroom digital tiles
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Living room tiles
  • Bedroom tiles 
  • Poster tiles 
  • Elevations tiles 

Based on Glaze Surface 

  • Waterproof Tiles
  • Semi Waterproof Tiles
  • Ordinary tiles

Based on Finish 

  • Matt Finish tiles 
  • Glossy Finish tiles 
  • Elevation or Wall Cladding Tiles

Based on Laying 

  • Light color or Upper section (L)
  • Highlighter or Middle section (HL) 
  • Dark color or Lower section (D) 


Sizes available in Digital Wall tiles


There are many different sizes available in the market. Mainly 10×15 and 12×18 Inch are popularly used for kitchen and bathroom walls as they are lighter and budget-friendly. The sizes are classified based on Inch and Mm in different markets. 


8×12 Inch –   (200×300 mm) 

10×15 Inch – (250×375 mm)

12×18 Inch – (300×450 mm)

12×24 Inch – (300×600 mm)

12×36 Inch – (300×900 mm)

8×24 Inch –   (200×600 mm)

12×48 Inch – (300×1200 mm) 


The most popular sizes in wall tiles are 12×18 Inch, 10×15 Inch, and 12×24 Inch digital tiles. 12×18 and 10×15 tiles can be easily laid and installed according to the space. 


You have to also know about the floor tiles 300×300 Mm or 12×12 Inch. It is considered together with wall tiles for the bathroom, kitchen flooring spaces as there is a combination match for better looks. 


The Price for wall tiles starts from Rs 100 to 500 per box depending upon the sizes and tiles packaging per box. 


Different factories manufacture different sizes and have different packaging of tiles in wall tiles according to target market requirements. Some factories provide 8 tiles per box or 10 tiles per box. You need to check the box packaging details for the exact measurement of tiles. 



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Basic process of wall tiles manufacturing


Digital wall tiles are made from various red and white clay, quartz, clays, and other materials. These tiles are softer than floor tiles.


The hydraulic presses are used for the manufacturing of wall tiles using the ceramic tiles powder. For different sizes, there are different press molds or punches.  


After the passing from the heating process in the dryer, the tiles are coated with the glazes and surface coating. The tiles then are passed in Kiln where the tiles are baked and fired under high temperature. The last process is Sizing (cutting machine) and packing of tiles. 


It is manufactured using digital machines in which the tiles are printed with the help of various colors. For matt finish it has a different glaze and has no shiny effect. The Glossy finish has a smooth surface and shiny effect. 

For Elevation, high depth or Wall cladding tiles have different punch or mold in hydraulic presses. It has a 3D like view and you can feel the surface easily. 


There are also non-digital tiles such as ordinary tiles and luster tiles which are available in 10×15 and 12×18 inch sizes.


Morbi, a city in the state of Gujarat is known as the ceramic city of India. It has more than 900 ceramic manufacturing plants. 


Final Thought 


I have explained the basic introduction of digital wall tiles, types of wall tiles, sizes of wall tiles. The most common wall tiles are 300*450 and 300*600 Mm.  


Wall tiles enhance the look and aesthetics. Perfect combination for kitchen and bathrooms. Grouts are used for filling the space between tiles. It represents the style and elegance of your home. 


As the digital wall tiles are smaller in size it is easy to install and can be cut easily according to the requirements. These tiles can be easily cleaned and washed. 

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