Types of Hydraulic Press for Ceramic Tiles

Types of Hydraulic Press for Ceramic Tiles

In this article, I will describe the Various Types of Hydraulic Press for Ceramic Tiles and different companies who manufacture the hydraulic press for tiles and various components of press. 

There are various models for the press for the manufacturing of tiles according to the production capacity and sizes required. The powder is distributed evenly in the mold cavity in the press using feeders. 

A force from 250 to 400 kilogram per square centimeter is applied using a large hydraulic press for different sizes and press types. A combination of higher pressure to transform the powder into solid tiles. 

The different number of tiles are manufactured using different types of press. It is described in the Press Cycle Rate per minute. It starts from 8 to 25 tiles per minute for different sizes, different cavity molds. 

The presses are used to manufacture tiles such as Vitrified, Floor, and Wall tiles. There is a wide range of hydraulic presses according to requirements for the customer. 

There are various companies which manufacture Hydraulic Press for making of Tiles. These presses are working on the high pressure done with the help of hydraulic oil units. 

Usage of Tiles 

Tiles are used for Commercial areas, Residential homes, Bathroom areas, Kitchen, Elevations, and Outdoor areas. 

Ceramic Tiles Hydraulic Manufacturing Companies 

There are various Types of Hydraulic Press for Ceramic Tiles manufacturing by various companies.

1 – SACMI Press 

Image Source – https://sacmi.com/en-US/Ceramics/Tiles


Via Selice Provinciale, 17/A

C.P. 113

40026 Imola BO


There are two series in Sacmi press for making of tiles – 

Imola Series– these presses are for high tonnage and high production. SPE is equipped with hydraulic presses for managing the large sizes. 

Series 2000 press – It includes medium to low tonnage presses. Currently, there is a presence of more than 90 countries and 13000 press installations across the counties. SACMI Imola is a part of the main group.

Various SACMI group Sectors 

  • Ceramics Tiles 
  • Sanitaryware
  • Tableware
  • Refractories
  • Technical Ceramics
  • Third Firing 
  • Extruded Tiles
  • Packaging Food and Beverage
  • Metals

2 – HLT Press

Image Source – http://www.hltpress.com/en/Product/index/p/1/

Add No.25, Zone C,

Sanshui Central Hi-tech Industrial Park, 

Foshan City, Guangdong Province,


FOSHAN HENGLITAI MACHINERY CO LTD was established in 1957. It manufactures powder formation machinery, ceramic raw material machinery, Hydraulic press, and other ceramic machinery. 

The FOSHAN DLT Technology Co Ltd was established in 2016 for manufacturing the complete ceramic machinery plants starting from raw material preparing to fire machinery. 

There is a YP series press for ceramic tiles manufacturing. It has a huge range of press models starting from YP1300 to YP22090. The products have been exported to over 30 countries across Asia, Europe, America, and Africa worldwide.

It has over 40 different press models and various ceramic machinery such as   

  • Raw material grinding system
  • Ball mill energy savings
  • Continuous ball mills 
  • Spray Drier
  • Kilns 

HLT Press has also established prominent positions in the Morbi Tiles manufacturing machinery market. It has also launched the HLT lamina tiles for large slabs across the global market. 

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3 – KEDA Press

Image Source – https://kedagroup.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=lists&catid=436

No 1, Huanzhen Xi Road, 

Guanglong Industrial Zone

Chencun, Shunde District

Foshan, Guangdong


Keda Industrial group co ltd was established in 1992. It is one of the leading ceramic industry machinery suppliers in the world. The mission of Keda is a green solution, greener life. 

It also offers complete plants for ceramics, metal, and stones providing the complete machinery. Many ceramic manufacturing units in Morbi have installed various machinery and complete units.  

Keda Various machinery for the ceramic tiles industry 

  • Slip and Powder Preparing
  • Pressing and Drying machines
  • Glaze and Decoration Preparing 
  • Kiln Firing 
  • Polishing and Sizing Machines
  • Sorting and Packing machines
  • Storage and Measuring machines


4 – SITI Press

Image Source – http://www.sitibt.com/en/tile-technologies/pressing/


Via Prampolini, 18 – 41043 

Formigine MO – Italy


SITI – B&T was established in 1961 at Formigine in north Italy. For the last 50 years, the company has been making various tiles making machinery and specializing in the handling and storage of tiles in the ceramic industry. 

The founder of Barbieri and Tarozzi Group was Fausto Tarozzi ed, Emer Barbieri. The SITI-B&T Group S.p.A is a major role in the production of complete plants for ceramic tiles and sanitaryware made all over the world.

Tiles Sizes for Types of Hydraulic Press for Ceramic Tiles

There are various sizes which can be made using this ceramic tiles press such as 600×600, 800×800, 600×1200, 300×600, 300×450, 300×300, 1000×1000, 800×1200, 800×2400, and 800×1600 Mm. 

Various main components of Press

Hydraulic pump Unit

Punch (Upper and Lower) 

Magnetic Plate


Water cooling tower

Die Box and Mold Cavity 

Tiles Grill

Powder Hopper  

Pneumatic unit 

Variable Displacement Pump 


Touchscreen and Status indicator


Final Thought 

Hydraulic presses are used for making various tiles such as Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Vitrified Tiles, GVT, Multi charged, Soluble salt Tiles, large Porcelain slabs, and Mosaic tiles. Types of Hydraulic Press for Ceramic Tiles. 

There are also other tiles manufacturing machines without the molds, it words on continuous belt and rollers called as MOLD-LESS Presses. It is used for the production of ceramic tiles slabs and large format tiles.

Few manufacturing companies manufacturing mold-less presses are 

System Ceramics – Lamgea Moldess Ceramic Pressing System

SACMI – CONTINUA + Technology for Large tiles and Slabs 

DISCLAIMER – The information provided here is for informational and education purposes only. All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate.

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