Sacmi Veloce PH 5200 Press

SACMI Introduces SACMI Veloce PH 5200 Press with High-Speed Pressing Technology

SACMI Have Introduced New SACMI Veloce PH 5200 Press, which has high speed pressing technology presses used for manufacturing Ceramic Tiles and Vitrified Tiles.

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Sacmi Veloce PH 5200 Press

The PH Veloce Press Series by Sacmi is focused on Productivity and Speed which are the main factors for selecting the press in making tiles

It can run up to 14 cycles per minute for 600×600 mm tiles sizes, an increase of 25 % more productivity as compared to the previous models.

It has new Power boosting hydraulic circuit solutions for maximum productivity, New Filtration and hydraulic cooling mechanism results in better heat dissipation and improved oil filtration. 

The maximum productivity and performance can be achieved with this press series. It is more powerful, better performing, more productive and it’s more connected.

It is the first kind of press that is developed by SACMI offering the best production and speed in the ceramic industry.

In today’s time improving the production capacity and having newer and different technology and machinery can be highly beneficial to better results as obvious profits. Upgrading your plants’ machinery means achieving an increase in productivity and better sustainability.

There are various models in VELOCE Press Series like PH5200, and PH3000. More new models will be launched in the coming months.

Sacmi Veloce PH 5200 Press Video 


Features of Veloce PH 5200 Press

  • More Powerful and Productive
  • Ergonomic – User-Friendly Controls 
  • More Efficient and Flexible 
  • Greener and Smarter Connected 
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Lower energy consumption
  • For 600×600 Mm, the PH 5200 press has a maximum of 14 cycles per minute.  

About SACMI Company

SACMI is the leading manufacturer of the Hydraulic press in the Ceramic tiles industry all over the world. This company also in other industries such as Sanitary ware, Tableware, Refractories, Technical Ceramics, Third Firing, Extruded Tiles, Packaging Food and Beverage, and Metals.

SACMI Company has a presence in more than 90 countries worldwide and has sold over more than 13,000 ceramic presses. The company is situated in Italy

SACMI has also CONTINUA + Technology for Large tiles and Slabs which works on continuous basis technology, not like a hydraulic mechanism. 

It has various complete machines set for tiles making such as 

Smart Powder Plant

  • Body, Powder, and Glaze preparation
  • Filtration
  • Dry and wet filtration systems for body preparation and atomization workshops.
  • Pneumatic conveying system

Smart Core Line

  • Continua +
  • Pressing
  • Drying
  • Digital
  • Decoration
  • Firing
  • Filtration
  • Energy recovery and environmental impact reduction

Smart Finishing and Logistics

  • Automatic sorting, packaging & palletizing lines.
  • Automatic Handling and Storage 


Via Selice Provinciale, 17/A

C.P. 113

40026 Imola BO


Series in SACMI Press 

There are three series in Sacmi press for making of tiles –

  • Imola Series – these presses are for high tonnage and high production. SPE is equipped with hydraulic presses for managing the large sizes.
  • VELOCE Press Series – High Speed and Productivity Pressing Technology. Veloce PH 5200 Press 
  • Series 2000 press – It includes medium to small tonnage presses.

Hydraulic Press

The Hydraulic Press is used for making ceramic tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Wall Tiles, and other Floor Tiles. These Presses are an important part of making tiles. Presses are the heart of the tiles manufacturing plant.

RelatedTypes of Hydraulic Press in Making Tiles

There are various different models for making tiles depending upon the sizes and production capacity. It is also considered in Press Cycle Rate per minute. It starts from 8 to 25 tiles per minute for different sizes and according to different cavity molds.

There are various companies which manufacture Hydraulic Press for making Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles. These presses are working on the oil pressure done with the help of hydraulic oil units.

For More Details Regarding VisitSACMI VELOCE PH 5200 Press   


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