Types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified Tiles

The Best Types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified Tiles. 2×2 Feet tiles

Types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified Tiles

In this article, I will explain the details for types of 600 x 600 mm vitrified tiles, how to calculate the area of 2×2 feet tiles, know the boxes required based on the total measurement and vitrified tiles basic prices.

If you are looking for types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified Tiles, this is the right article explaining they are very popular, durable, easy to install, less maintenance, and many more.  

These types of tiles are easily available in your nearby tiles shop. It can be easily fitted into your homes, offices, hospitals, schools, bathrooms, and shopping malls.

The prices of 600×600 mm range from Rs 20 to Rs 80 per square foot. It is feasible in laying as well as in budget. 

Types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified Tiles.

  1. Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles (Nano Polish Vitrified tiles, Nano tiles)
  2. Double Charge Vitrified Tiles (Multilayer tiles, Double Layer tiles)
  3. Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT, PGVT, Digital printed tiles)
  4. Full Body Vitrified Tiles (Outdoor tiles)

600×600 mm Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles

Design of Nano Tiles

Soluble Salt tiles are made using screen printing technology in which the soluble salt colors are used for making the design of the tile using semi-automatic printing machines.

The designs in this type of tiles are based on Ivory color. There is a nano-coating over these tiles which helps to fill the micro holes and makes tiles surface smooth. It has water absorption of less than 0.05%.

The price for 600×600 mm nano polished tiles are between Rs 20 to 22 per Square Feet for the Ex-Factory rate (GST 18% percent Extra). The price may vary depending upon the tile’s thickness and quality of tiles.

Nano Vitrified Tiles

For more details visit – Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles Manufacturers

600×600 mm Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

Double Charge or Multi Charge is a type of vitrified tiles which are made using 2 layers. The top layer is the main part of double charge tiles. The top layer is around 2 to 4 mm depending upon the manufacturer. The other layer is of a regular vitrified body.  

It is ideal for medium traffic and commercial areas such as malls, airports, and public places.

The price for Double Charge tiles starts from Rs 25 to Rs 35 per Square Feet for 600 x 600 Mm for Ex-factory rates(18% GST Extra). Depending upon the special design series, colors and patterns it will be different prices according to the various companies.

Types of Double Charge Tiles

For more details visit – Multi Charge Vitrified Tiles

600×600 mm Glazed Vitrified Tiles GVT PGVT

There are two types of Glazed tiles known as glazed vitrified tiles (GVT- Matt finish) and Polished glazed vitrified tiles (PGVT- Glossy Finish).

Matt Finish 600×600 mm tiles
PGVT Tiles Glossy Finish

It is made using a Digital Printing Machine. These tile designs can be customized and any type of photo, pattern, or design can be manufactured using the digital machine.

The digital printing layer on the surface of the tile is less than 1 mm. The glaze coating is spread over the top surface of tiles before passing through the digital machine. GVT tiles have a water absorption of less than 0.05%.

There are various surfaces and finishes available for glazed vitrified tiles such as Glossy, Matt, Carving, Metallic, Baby Satin, and Sugar.

The price for GVT and PGVT tiles starts from Rs 23 to Rs 35 per Square Feet for 600 x 600 Mm for Ex-factory rates(18% GST Extra). Depending upon the surface finish, colors and patterns the rates can differ.

Also, check out the 11 Differences between Glazed Vitrified tiles and double charge tiles.

600×600 mm Matt Porcelain Tiles

In India, many manufacturers have classified these tiles known as matt porcelain tiles or Semi Vitrified tiles. It has water absorption between 2 to 5 percent. The majority of these tiles are only available in matt finish, but some morbi tiles manufacturers are making semi vitrified tiles in a glossy finish.

These tiles are different from glazed vitrified tiles based on water absorption and surface smoothness.

The price for semi-vitrified starts from Rs 18 to 22 per square foot. (Ex-Factory rates).

To know more about Visit Manufacturer of 2×2 Semi Vitrified Tiles.

600×600 mm Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Full body vitrified tiles have the same composition through the tiles. It does not have any printing or glazed coating over the surface of the tiles. 

It is suitable for high traffic areas such as malls, hospitals. It is available in matt finish and glossy finish.

These tiles are costlier than all the above tiles. The prices start from Rs 25 and can go up to Rs 50 per square foot for 600×600 mm tiles.

How to calculate the area of the 600×600 mm tiles

There are two popular ways to calculate the price for 2×2 Feet or 600×600 Mm vitrified tiles, one is Square Feet (SQFT) and the other is Square Meter (SQM).  

The use of regional measurement is also depending on the area, city, or state.

Generally in India for selling tiles the most popular term used is Square Feet for manufactures and sellers. I will explain to you in terms of Square Feet.  

SQ FT – Square Feet (term used in India for calculating the prices of tiles)

SQM – Square Meter (Term used for export for calculating the prices of tiles)

Box Rate (Term used for Retail selling of Tiles)

How many 2×2 tiles in a box available.

The 2×2 Feet or 600×600 Mm consists of 4 pieces packed in one box. The area covered will be 15.5 SQ FT or 1.44 SQM.

  • 600×600 Mm
  • 4 Tiles per box
  • Total Area Covered – 15.5 square feet or 1.44 Square Meter
  • Packaging – Corrugated box with PP strap.

The 600×600 mm are also used in planks tiles such as 200×600 and 150×600 Mm.

To know more about wooden plank tiles VisitWooden Tiles

600×600 Mm or 2 x 2 Feet

This is the most popular and in-demand size known as (600 x 600 Mm) or (2 ft x 2 ft) or (24×24 Inch).

In this size, there are 4 tiles packed in one box, so to calculate the total area covered we will multiply the tiles per box with the dimensions of the tiles per one tile.

600×600 Mm x 4 tiles per one Box = 600*600*4= 1440000 Sq Mm.

This is the total area in Millimeter if converted to meters; it will be 1.44 square meters per box. Now to convert SQM to SQ FT (square feet), you need to multiply the area value by 10.76

1.44 SQM * 10.76 = 15.50 SQ FT per one box

Wondering how these terms are used, these are technical terms used by manufacturers, dealers, shops, and wholesalers. If you have visited the tiles shop nearby your area, the majority of you will get the rates based on the Box Rate.

To calculate the box rate for tiles in India, based upon the Sq Ft you may use the above term. Considering the Ex-Factory Rate for Nano Vitrified Tiles for 600×600 as Rs 20 per Square feet.

The GST rates for vitrified tiles are 18 percent.

Basic Ex-Factory Rate = 20 per Square Feet Plus 18 percent GST

Rates Including GST = 20 * 18 % GST (Rs 3.6 Per SQFT) = Rs 23.6 Per Sq FT

The Rs 23.6 is the rate per one Square Foot for Ex factories including GST. Now in order to calculate the rates for one box = 23. 6 * 15.5 (Sq Ft per one Box) = Rs 366 per one Box.

After That, there are other charges in tiles such as Loading Charges, Insurance Charges, Transportation Charges, Unloading Charges to reach the dealer’s shop.

Similar calculations can be done with Double Charge Vitrified Tiles, Full Body Tiles, and Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT, PGVT).

How to Calculate the tile boxes required for room

To calculate the size and prices required for 2×2 tiles you may need to measure the exact length and width of the space where you want to lay the tiles.

For example, your room size is 15 feet in length and 20 feet in width. Then the total area will be 300 Square feet. If we considered the size of 2×2 feet (600x600mm), to calculate the tiles divide the total area by 15.5

1 Box 600×600 mm – 15.5 Square Feet area covered

300 Square Feet/15.5 = 19.35 (20 Boxes).

So 20 boxes of 2×2 feet will be required to cover a 15×20 ft room.

Note – this calculation is only measured for reference carpet area. For the actual area, you need to consider the skirting area(3-4 Inches), wastage tiles, corner-cutting tiles. It will be 5 to 10 % extra.  

Types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified tiles price

NoteThese reference Basic Ex-Factory Rates for various 600×600 Mm tiles.

Nano vitrified tiles – 20 Rs per SQFT

Glazed Vitrified Tiles – 23 Rs per SQFT

Semi vitrified tiles – Matt Finish 20 Rs per SQFT

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles 25 to 35 Rs per SQFT

Full Body Vitrified Tiles – 25 Rs per SQFT

Extra Other Charges

  • 18 % GST for tiles
  • Loading and unloading Charges
  • Insurance Charge
  • Transportation or freight Charges
  • Dealer showroom charges  

The Rates of tiles is dependent on the surface finish, Grade, Raw materials, quality, and location.

Questions and answers

How many tiles are there in one 2×2 Feet box?

A – There are 4 tiles in one 2×2 feet box.

What is the total area covered in one 2×2 feet box?

A- The total area covered in one 600×600 mm is 15.5 Square feet or 1.44 square meters.

Which are the various types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified Tiles available?

A- Nano tiles, Double Charge tiles, Glazed vitrified tiles, and full-body tiles.

Which are the surface finishes available in 2×2 vitrified tiles?

A – There are various types of surface available in 2×2 such as Glossy Finish, Matt Finish, Sugar Finish, High Glossy Finish, Rustic Finish, Baby Satin Finish, and Metallic Finish

Where can we purchase 600×600 Vitrified tiles?

A- if you are looking for your homes or offices for little quantity, you can purchase from your nearby tiles store. You can have a proper look at tiles out there in the shop. If you are looking for the selling of tiles, then you can contact direct tile manufacturers from morbi or other cities.

List of Manufacturers manufacturing ceramic, vitrified tiles, and sanitary wares in morbi.


600×600 mm or 2×2 feet tiles will be more suitable for your homes or offices as many different types of designs and colors are available. there are also many different types of tiles available. 

Vitrified tiles are durable, scratch-resistant, stain-free, and are strong which makes the best choice to the lookout.

Depending upon your budget, place required, colors, area you can select any type of tiles based on your selection.

If you like my article of Types of 600 x 600 mm Vitrified Tiles, share it with your friends. Any questions or errors in this article please comment on the below box.


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