Details regarding SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum – 9 and 10th November 2020

SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum is the first virtual event held in the ceramic tiles world. There are Two main topics covered in the event which will be held on 9th and 10th November 2020

1 – Digitalization

2 – Sustainability

SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum

Get ready for 2 days of live experience for ceramic industry updates by SACMI. Know the latest details regarding the tiles and slab manufacturing innovations and newer technology updates in this forum. 

The event is moderated by Phil Taylor, a digital communication expert and strategist. 

This is the first live event related to ceramic innovation in the tile sector by Sacmi. Details regarding Ceramic Industry Digitalization and Sustainability with the ceramic industry-leading experts. 

Also, it will organize other events related to innovation for ceramic industry topics like body preparation to finish product making, product storage and packaging line, decoration and firings kiln technology, and many more. 

Various renowned guests and key experts will be there for discussions at the event. There are 15 Speakers, 2 round tables, and 6 Webinars. 

SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum – The Future of ceramics is already here

Paolo Mongardi, President of SACMI states “We’ve launched the SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum and SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days to send a clear message to customers around the world: SACMI is there for them, and is continuing with non-stop innovation of its range. The difficulty of reaching our overseas customers in person and the cancellation of major fairs such as Tecnargilla 2020 have accelerated our efforts to digitize across all sectors: not just in services but also in communication and human resource management”.

Dates for SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum

9th November 2020

10th November 2020

How to Register for SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum Online. 

You can register by visiting the Sacmi Ceramic Innovation official forum website 

It is SACMI’s first-ever live global event streamed live worldwide. It is Free to register for 2 days. 

The forum will be streamed live worldwide in six languages. The languages available for the event are English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, and French.

You can view from any part of the world on your mobile, laptop, or Computers. It is a free event. 

Also, the connected users can share their ideas and viewpoints in the surveys and voting app during the forums. 

Topics covered in SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum 

Day 1 – 9th November


  • Advantages of the ceramic plant digital twin. 
  • Continuous improvement of production through digitalization. 
  • Customer service keywords in the new normal. 

How digital technology can support the manufacturing industry and have Digital transformation from product to value chain, and from services to customer experience. 

How to Achieve the Digitalization for remote management operations such as assembly and start-up, plus the creation of virtual FATs & SATs. 

SACMI customer service also plays an important role from design to after-sales service. 

Day 2 – 10th November 


  • A greener tomorrow – Ceramic plant relationships with the environment. 
  • Environment technologies – From duties to opportunities. 
  • Raising energy efficiency – Business model, cogeneration, and how to utilize heat from kiln furnace. 
  • Importance of Green technology for reducing the emissions and consumption of products.

Also for the second forum day, the details regarding SACMI Energy Division focusing on the consultancy for all-round ceramic plants. 

SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum

Timing for SACMI Innovation event (CET) 

09 / 11 (9th November) 

Time 10:00 –12:30. CET

Time 15:00 –17:30 CET

10 / 11 (10th November) 

Time 10:00 –12:30 CET

Time 15:00 –17:30 CET

Indian Timings for the SACMI Ceramic Forum (IST)

09 / 11 (9th November)

Time 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm IST

Time 7.30 pm –10:00 pm IST

10 / 11 (10th November) 

Time 2:30 pm –5.00 pm IST

Time 7.30 pm –10.00 pm IST


Luciano Bononi

Full Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, UNIBO

Massimo Iosa Ghini

Architect and CEO Iosa Ghini Associati

Riccardo Corradini

Director of Marketing and Product Management, SACMI

Claudio Ricci

Tiles R&D Coordinator, SACMI

Andrea Avallone

Product Manager, SACMI Forni & Filter, SACMI

Stefano Orlandi

Energy Management Product Manager, SACMI Forni & Filter, SACMI

Maria Chiara Bignozzi

Associate Professor in Materials Science and Technology, School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Bologna

Matteo Federici

General Manager of Tiles Division, SACMI

Marco Corsi

Chief Digital Officer and Group CIO, SACMI

Massimiliano Baruzzi

Smart Factory Director, SACMI

Davide Barchi

R&D Automation Engineer, SACMI

Elisa Rimondi

Smart Factory Software Engineer, SACMI

Antonio Baratta

Smart Factory Software Engineer, SACMI

Erika Franceschelli

Maintenance Engineering Specialist, Customer Service, SACMI

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To know more updates, follow #SACMICeramicInnovationForum on social networks. 

To know more details visit – SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum


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