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Kajaria Ceramics partners with SACMI’s latest Continua+ press PCR2120 for their new tiles factory setup at Tirupati, India. 

Kajaria Ceramics News 

Kajaria Ceramics, a global leader in ceramic tiles industries has decided to install SACMI’s latest and smartest press SACMI Continua+ PCR2120 for their new tiles manufacturing at Tirupati, India. 

“Technology, research, quality and design”, points out Ashok Kajaria, owner and founder of the company Kajaria Ceramics, now run together with his sons Chetan and Rishi, “have been in Kajaria’s DNA ever since its founding. We’ve always adopted the latest available technologies, looking ahead to boost the quality and appeal of our products and the efficiency of our factories”.

Sacmi is a prominent player in manufacturing ceramic hydraulic press, continuous press, moulds, and loading systems. The same group operates globally in over 27 countries. Its headquarters are located in Imola, Italy

Sacmi Continua+ PCR 2120 is a tiles press that manufactures slab tiles with the continua process. It has many advantages over traditional hydraulic press such as the lowest energy consumption, zero-waste process, and energy saving technologies.

Details regarding Upcoming tiles factory by Kajaria Ceramics

This new upcoming state-of-the-art tiles manufacturing unit is located in Tirupati, India. It will be the 10th factory for Kajaria Ceramics limited. 

This new plant set up by Kajaria Ceramics will be for manufacturing large porcelain slab tiles such as 800×1600 mm, 1200x2400mm, and many more slab tiles. 

Currently, large slab tiles are more popular and in demand. 

This factory will have the latest modern equipment with energy efficiency solutions. It will have both quality and maximum output capacity provided by SACMI machinery.

  • SACMI Continua+ PCR 2120 Continuous press 
  • SACMI 5 Layer Horizontal Dryer width of 2850 mm and length of 47.6 meters. 
  • Pre Kiln of 25.3 Meter.
  • HTE295 Kiln of length 210 meters.
  • Line TPV on-the-fly cutting solution supplied by BMR.
  • Production output of 3.5 million square meters per year in various sizes and thicknesses.

Kajaria Ceramic Limited 

Kajaria is India’s number one and the World’s seventh in terms of production outputs in the tiles industry. Kajaria Ceramics is currently exporting to many different countries.

Kajaria Ceramics is India’s No 1 Tiles company. It is the only Indian tile company achieving the “Asia’s Most Promising Brand” award in the tiles category.

It has an annual production capacity of 73 Mn sq meters. 

It has various types of tiles such as Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Polished Vitrified Tiles, and Eternity – Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Recently it has introduced the new ultima collection of 1200×2400 cm large vitrified tiles.

To know More about Visit official websiteKajaria Ceramics 

Features of SACMI Continua plus PCR 2120

SACMI Continua+ is the world’s leading player in the manufacturing of ceramic tile presses. In this continua plus press, the tiles are made using continuous possess with the help of belt rollers. 

  • It produces tiles up to 20 mm thickness and 120 cm wide. 
  • Production up to 16000 m2 per day (11000 boxes of 60×120 cm per day).
  • Low scrap levels below 3% at all times.
  • Waste is 100% recyclable ensuring zero waste during the entire production line. 
  • Lowest energy consumption in the market. 
  • This PCR 2120 press has the lowest specific consumption on the current market, just 0.06 kWh per square meter against 80 kW of installed power consumption. 

For more details regarding the Sacmi Continua+ press for Large Slab tiles check the below video



In this video, it shows how the tiles are manufactured using SACMI Continua + Press. It is used to manufacture large size tiles. 

This Continua plus press will be installed at the upcoming tiles factory installed at Tirupati, India by Kajaria Ceramics India. 

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