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Morbi Double Charge Tiles factory Production and Dispatch stop for 1 month – Ceramic news

Morbi Double Charge Tiles Manufactures have decided to stop production and Dispatch of Double charge vitrified tiles for one month.

There was a meeting held on 5 August 2021 between all double charge tiles manufacturers in Morbi at Morbi ceramic association hall at 5 Pm. This meeting was held to discuss the problems faced by Morbi tiles manufacturers.

Double charge tiles factories have decided to close production from 15 August for one month due to Morbi transport strike, Raw material problems from Rajasthan, and an increase in the rate of all raw materials.

Double Charge Tiles Manufacturers Decided 

Production stopped from 15 August 21 to 15 September 2021

Dispatch stops from 15 August 2021 to 5 September 2021.

Nowadays, the Morbi ceramic industry is facing considerable challenges in current times. One side is the ongoing transport strike, and the other side is an increase in raw material prices. The transport strike is affecting the ceramic industry facing huge losses.

Due to the current transport strike and increase in raw material price, many tile manufacturers have already stopped their factories due to no space left in their godown.

Reasons behind the shutdown of Double charge tiles factories.

  • Transport strike – From 26 July 2021, there is a transport strike in morbi due to the transport association regarding truck loading and unloading charges. The All India Truck Transport association and the morbi truck transport association have stopped loading and unloading goods from Morbi due to their demand for Jiska Mall uska hamal (whose goods they need to pay charges).
  • Raw materials Ban – Rajasthan government is banning raw materials transfer from Rajasthan to Gujarat. Nearly 80 per cent of tiles raw materials are coming from Rajasthan. But a few days ago, they banned from providing lumps to tile micron processing plants in Gujarat. Double charge tiles factories require processed tiles powder in the top layer of making tiles.
  • Increase in raw material price – As the diesel prices have risen in the past few months, there is an increase in every raw material price. Tiles manufacturers are not able to get proper raw materials in time. Due to this, there is a shortage of raw materials for tiles in Morbi.
  • Increase in Imported Coal rates – Imported Coal is used in making tiles powder in a spray drier. Due to the global shortage of containers and global pandemic, there is a shortage of imported coal with a high CV from the last few months. Due to these morbi tiles, factories are not able to get proper delivery of coal. Also, the price of coal has risen to 6000 per ton.
  • Gujarat Gas Price Increase – Gujarat gas is planning to increase fuel prices in the upcoming days. It can increase Rs 3 to 5 per unit. It will be a significant issue in the coming days.

Due to these problems, many morbi tile manufacturers will be completely shut down to avoid huge losses. It has been decided production closed from 15th August.

A few days ago, there was a meeting between Nano Vitrified tiles manufacturers regarding the shutdown of factories for one month. Nano tiles factories are also going to close for one month starting from 10 August. Currently, there are around 35 units of nano tiles production.

Other factories such as GVT-PGVT Tiles, Parking, wall tiles factories are also deciding to close due to ongoing transport strikes and an increase in raw material prices.

It has been decided to stop double charge tiles factories for one month

The tiles manufacturers will decide any further news in next meeting which is to be held on 5 September 2021

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