Nano Vitrified Tiles

What are Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles or Soluble Salt Tiles?

Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles

In this article, I will explain about the details regarding Nano polished vitrified tiles, benefits of nano-coating over tiles, basic soluble salt manufacturing details, packaging, soluble salt tiles manufactures and price details.

Nano Polished tiles are one of the types of Vitrified tiles that are durable, resistant to scratch and strain, stronger and shiny finish. The tiles are formed using vitrification process to achieve the hardness and strength.

These types of tiles are having less water absorption as compared to ceramic tiles. The vitrified tiles are having a smoother surface and water absorption is less <0.05%. These are single charged tiles having an ivory based color.

Nano polish tiles are tiles that are chemically coated with help of nano chemical that fills the small pores in the tiles. The nano chemical will help to create an invisible layer on the surface of the vitrified tiles.

Advantages of Nano tiles

  • Durability – Easy to clean.
  • Economical – least expensive in vitrified tiles.
  • Resistance to skid, slip, stain, and scratches.
  • Excellent water and dust resistance.
  • More than 90% glossiness and good shining.
  • Low maintenance – Washing and cleaning is easy.

Usage of Nano tiles

Homes, Shopping mall, school, airport warehouse, residential sector, and commercial areas.

Design of Nano Tiles
Various Design of Soluble Salt Tiles

Why these are called Nano Polish tiles

Most glossy vitrified tiles have a layer of silica in liquid form over the top surface of the tiles. These tiles are called nano polish as they are coated with nano chemicals and the polishing process has been completed on these tiles.

The nano chemical fills the microscopic pores on the surface of tiles which results in a smooth and glossy surface. The advantages of nano chemicals are that the tiles are water and dust repellent and anti-bacterial properties.

Maintenance of these tiles is easier as it is easy to clean and maintain. There are various types of nano chemicals such as A, B, and C chemicals. They are Oil or Water Based nano chemical solvent.

So that this type of tiles are called as nano polish or stain-free vitrified tiles

Benefits of nano-coating in vitrified tiles

As the floor surface may get spoiled by food items, tea, other liquid items, to clean tiles easily the Nano coating can be helpful. It protects the surface of the tile from stain. The tiles coating helps it last longer.

  • Shiny and Smooth finish
  • Easy to clean.
  • Resistance to dust and dirt as the surface is coated with nano chemicals.


Basic Manufacturing process of Nano Polished vitrified Tiles

Wondering how nano tiles are made, this process starts by mixing of various raw materials such as ball clays, quartz, SLS, soda, potash feldspar, china clay, talc powder, sodium silicate, STPP.

It is manufactured with the help of hydraulic press in which the tiles powder is passed through the press and with the help of heavy pressing the tiles are formed using various size molds.

These tiles are stronger and durable as they are formed using the Vitrification process in which the tiles are passed through the kiln at a high temperature around 1200 C. It results in creating a vitreous surface that is hard and glossy. This process of manufacturing is known as the vitrification process.

The soluble salt tiles are made using liquid color screen printing technology. The tiles are pressed under high pressure where the tiles are formed and after that, the tiles are passed through the semi-automatic printing machine whether the color and patterns are formed.

They are ivory based tiles such as plain ivory and design ivory. The tiles surface are penetrated the soluble color using a printing machine, after the kiln firing process. They are also suitable for commercial and low traffic spaces.

The tiles are passed through quality checking where the color, strength, and quality of tiles are checked and monitored continuously. There are special quality and testing equipment and machines. There are various ISO 9001 standards for quality.

Manufacturing Steps Image for Nano Tiles


Packaging details

One Box of nano polished vitrified tiles contains 4 tiles. The total area covered is 15.5 SQ FT. The tiles are packed in a corrugated box. The empty box may contain 3 ply or 5 ply board.

The boxes are packed with Plastic Strap around the box. 3 to 4 strips are wrapped around the tiles box. The tiles are stored in plastic or wooden pallets in the factory.

The packaging details are printed on the side of the box such as manufacturing date, batch number, shade number, grade, MRP, company details, and design name.

There are 3 grades as per the quality specifications such as

  1. 1st – Premium Grade
  2. 2nd – Standard Grade
  3. 3rd – Commercial Grade

The last grade is rejected or Eco in which the tiles half damage or corner broken is packed. The reject grade of tiles are sometimes packed in boxes or sold loose tiles pieces.

Price of Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles

The Main two popular sizes available in Nano tiles are 600*600 and 600*605 Mm. The Rates for these is Rs 17 to 20 per Square feet depending upon thickness and features.

Basic Ex-Factory Rate = 20 per Square Feet Plus 18 percent GST

Rates Including GST = 20 * 18 % GST (Rs 3.6 per SQ FT) = Rs 23.6 per Sq. FT

The Rs 23.6 is the rates per one Sq. Ft for ex factories including GST. Now in order to calculate the rates for one box = 23.6 * 15.5 (Sq. Ft per one Box) = Rs 365.8 per one Box.

That there are other charges such as Loading Charges, Insurance Charges, Transportation Charges, Unloading Charges to reach the dealer’s shop.

In short for 600×600 Mm with 4 pieces packaging in one box the area covered will be 15.5 SQ FT or 1.44 SQM.

Manufactures of Soluble Salt tiles

There are various areas where the tiles are being manufactured such as Morbi (about 80%), Himmatnagar, Bikaner, and Other states.

There are many different manufacturers of these tiles. Depending upon the capacity of machines and production you may get different rates across different places.

Below is the External Links for the Details regarding Designs for the Soluble Salt tiles Manufacturers.

Orient Bell Cera India Kajaria Ceramics HR Johnson
AGL Tiles Somany Ceramics Sakar Marbo Nitco 

Final Thought

The demand for nano polish vitrified tiles is increasing day by day as it is least expensive and can be used for home, offices, and malls. As it has stain and water-resistant features. it is popularly used in commercial and residential places.

The nano tiles are laid with a combination of terracotta nano tiles which are pure brown in color. You can make various layouts according to the interior and spaces.

It is also called as soluble salt vitrified tiles as the soluble colors are used for printing the tiles. It provides a rich look with printed design and patterns.


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