Tileswale – Best Platform for Buying and Selling of Tiles and Sanitary Products in 2021

In this article post, I will explain the features of Tileswale- a website regarding buying and selling of tiles such as vitrified tiles, wall tiles, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares. Tileswale is a one-stop destination for tiles and sanitary ware products.

Tileswale is the best platform for buying tiles online, and selling tiles online. It has Tiles calculator and tiles visualizer on its website which can guide in buying the tiles. 

Tileswale is a platform where a manufacturer, dealer, retailer, importer, exporter, and direct customers connect easily. There are various types of ceramic products listed on this website that helps to buy and sell tiles to everyone.

Tiles wale is a registered trademark of Light Link Solutions (LLS) India. Light link Solutions is a Digital marketing and web designing company in Morbi, India.

Types of tiles Category listed on Tileswale website

On this website, you can search for various types of tiles based on tiles category. 

You can know various tiles specification, the feature of tiles in this website section, such as

  • Tiles Product name
  • Tiles images 
  • Tiles manufacturer details
  • Sizes of tiles (Inch, Cm, Mm, Feet)
  • Materials name
  • Laying type of tiles
  • Tiles per box
  • Area covered – Square meter, Square Feet
  • Weight of tiles per box

Tiles Directory on Tileswale platform 

Tiles Category  

  • Digital Wall Tiles
  • PGVT & GVT Tiles
  • Double Charge Vitrified Tiles
  • Porcelain Slab Tiles
  • Parking Tiles (ivory terracotta)
  • Full body Vitrified Tiles
  • Digital Porcelain Tiles
  • High Depth Elevation Tiles
  • Heavy Duty Parking Tiles
  • Digital Parking Tiles
  • Subway & Mosaic Tiles
  • Step and Riser / Strips
  • Poster tiles
  • 3D Tiles
  • Nano Vitrified Tiles

Sanitary ware Directory Tiles Wale 

Sanitary Wares

  • Washbasins
  • Wall Hung
  • One Piece
  • Counter Basin
  • Table Top Wash Basin

Other Supplier Directory

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Tiles Chemicals & Adhesive
  • Tiles Display Stand
  • Cistern & Seat Cover
  • Roofing Tiles, Machine Tools & Lighting
  • Hotels
  • Bath Tub

How Tileswale is the perfect tiles and sanitary ware B2B and B2C Platform 

This Tileswale website connects manufacture, dealer, wholesaler, retailer, builders, importers, exporters, and distributors.

Manufacturer– If you are tiles or sanitary ware manufacture, you can quickly list your company products and start selling on the Tileswale platform. It will help your company to connect to other customers all over the world. 

Wholesaler, Dealer of Tiles– If you are a wholesaler or dealer in the tiles industry, you can register on this platform to buy tiles directly from the manufacturer. You can also sell tiles to direct-end customers and builders.

Retailer, Customers– If you are looking to purchase tiles or sanitary ware products such as vitrified tiles, wall tiles, one-piece sanitary, wall hung, washbasin, and other ceramic items. Then check this Tileswale website and start buying popular and newer products quickly.

Importer & Exporter– If you are an importer outside India looking to purchase tiles or sanitary wares, then look at this Tileswale- Worlds no 1 Online tiles and sanitary market. You can quickly get all the details such as company information, contact details, tiles catalog, pricing details, and manufacturer details. This will help to connect people all over the world. 

Builder, Architects – If you are looking for ceramic tiles for your new building or office, this platform makes easy to connect to tiles manufacturer and dealers. You will have every type of ceramic tiles product available on this website.  

How to Buy Tiles Online with Tiles wale


Suppose you are looking to purchase Vitrified tiles, Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Parking tiles, sanitary wares, kitchen sink, or any other ceramic tiles items. Then Tileswale website and Mobile app is a one-stop destination to buy tiles and sanitary ware items online.

The first step is to register to the Tileswale website or from the Tileswale mobile app. After that, head over to the Tiles Wale Sellers Page.  

On this page, you can check various listings regarding different products. You can select the tiles product and click on the specific product page.

You will get all the details regarding the product on that page, such as images, sizes of tiles, category, when the listing is published, date, and location of posting. It also displays whether the tiles seller is a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, and exporter.

After that, if you want to know more details regarding the product, you can click on the Call Button or Chat Button provide at the bottom of the Tileswale App.

The chatting option with the seller and buyer is only present on the Tiles wale app. 

Anyone can request the tiles manufacture catalog by providing Name, Contact details, and requirements. You can also check whether the tiles manufacturer has Verified Badge listing or not. It helps to know the details of verification.  

How to Sell Tiles Online with Tiles wale

Suppose you are a Tiles manufacture, dealer, wholesaler, and exporter. You can sell tiles and sanitary wares products online with the help of Tileswale. This Buyer page is for those who are looking to buy their tiles and sanitary ware products.

Tiles and sanitary ware distributors, manufacturers, and sellers can promote their products on this Tileswale app. You can add the product images, category, size, color, catalog, grade, and other information in this app.

You can also share the products via Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and another social platform.

How to Use Tiles Calculator on Tiles Wale website

On this website, you can calculate the tiles required based on your room or office area.  

Example tiles box required steps. 

  1. You may need the length and width of floors or walls of your room area.
  2. Now we will calculate the tiles required for a 10×15 Feet room area. It would help if you inputted the area based on feet on this website.
  3. After that, the main benefit of using tiles calculator in this website is that they have provided classification based on tiles and various sizes available in tiles.  
  4. Select the tiles category available in the drop-down menu, and after that, select the size you want to know the area for your room.
  5. After that, click on the calculate button, and that’s it. It will show the total square meter, total square feet, required tiles, and total box required.
  6. You can check for various sizes and types of tiles in this calculator. It will help to save your time and know the exact number of tiles box required.
  7. You may also add the 2 to 5 percent extra required for skirting, extra tiles for any corner or damage.  

For details, visitTileswale Tiles Calculator 

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Tiles Visualizer – Tiles View

Anyone can use tiles Visualizer to know how the tiles will look after laying. Usually, seeing the tiles in display or catalog and assuming how tiles can be fitted and viewed in your room is difficult.

So tiles view is the perfect option to see the different tiles according to your selection.

Steps to View Tiles Visualizer 

  1. Click to select the rooms such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, bedroom, commercial, and elevation.
  2. After that, you can also check whether the tiles are viewed on wall, floor, or wall and floor together.
  3. Now it will describe various category names already listed on the website. Click on any room images on the website to know more tiles view details.
  4. You will see the tiles preview image. Select or change the tiles’ design you want to know how it looks on the walls or floors.
  5. In this tiles wale website, the main advantage in tiles Visualizer is that you can save the tiles image, tiles PDF, share on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  6. You can also make E-Catalogue Pages List pdf catalog by saving various images tiles view. Just save pdf with various tiles visualizer.
  7. There is an option for reflection on or off to check the reflection in walls and floors.

For details, visitTiles Visualizer by Tileswale  

Available Features & Benefits of Tiles Wale 

  • Discover New Deals for tiles
  • Buying and Selling on a single platform
  • Find Verified Customers
  • Use Anywhere Anytime- Mobile and Desktop
  • Availability of 24 by 7 chat facility.
  • Buyers can select tiles features, aspects, and type, color, grade, and class tiles.

Questions and Answer 

  • Q – What is the main benefit of using tiles wale website 

A – The website tileswale.com focuses on ceramic tiles and sanitary wares. You will get all the information regarding the buying and selling of tiles on a single website.

  • Q – How to register to tiles wale website?

A – You can register for the Tileswale website by proving your mobile number or connect with a google account. It is a safe and secure website.

  • Q – How to buy tiles from this website?

A -To buy tiles, search the types of tiles you want to require and then contact directly to the manufacture of the tiles on the website.   click on the seller page to know the details of the manufacture or dealer.

  • Q – How to Download Tileswale App 

A -Tileswale App is available on Google Play Store and Apple store. Tileswale platform is the best for sell tiles and buys tiles online.

Tileswale Play Store IOS User

Final Thought

Tileswale is specially made for the ceramic industry, and it connects tiles buyers and tiles sellers. You can quickly check and buy tiles and sanitary ware items. Tileswale is the best app for tiles to sell online and buy tiles online.

The Tileswale app has a handy feature of chat between various users on this platform. The buyers and sellers can easily chat with each other. 

The chatting feature is only available in the Tileswale app, not on the website.

Note – The information provided here is for informational and educational purposes only. Efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate. If errors or updates are required, please contact us at our mail address or comment on the below box.

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