Jaquar Sanitary Price List 2021

Jaquar Sanitary Price List 2021

Jaquar Sanitary Price List 2021 with images

Jaquar Company is one of the top brands in sanitary ware and bath fittings. If you are looking for Jaquar Sanitary price list 2021 latest, this article will guide you regarding the Jaquar Sanitary ware Items with images and prices. 

Jaquar Sanitary ware has a massive bathroom decor collection such as Washbasins, Wall Hung, Jaquar One Piece, Bidet, Urinals, Table Top, Faucets, Jaquar Flushing System and many more products. 

About Jaquar Company 

Jaquar Group has completed over 60 Years. The company has it present in over 60 countries across the world. 

Jaquar group has seven manufacturing plants in India and one in South Korea. Jaquar company produces more than 28 million bath fitting every year.

Jaquar Sanitary ware Popular Product Series 

Queen’s Prime Kubix  Bidspa Arc Opal Ornamix
Fusion Lyric Aria Fonte Vignette Solo
Florentine  D’Arc Alive  Continental Series JDR  Urinals

It has various brands such as  

  • Artize – The brand for the luxury segment 
  • Promise – Born from art
  • Jaquar 
  • Essco – Value Segment 
  • Jaquar Lighting 

Jaquar One Piece Price List 2021

There are various types of One Piece available by Jaquar in India. The price for Jaquar one Piece starts from 4000. 

Jaquar Sanitary ware List  Sanitary ware – One Piece Images Jaquar Sanitary ware List  Sanitary ware – Single Piece Images
Single piece-WC

Size:370x690x795 mm

Price – Rs 31,700

Bidspa Rimless Single Piece-WC

Size: 380x725x690 mm

Price – Rs 37,500

Bidspa Prime Single Piece

Size : 400x775x550 mm

Price – Rs 1,10,000

Rimless Single Piece WC

Size : 380x725x690 mm

Price – Rs 19,500

Bowl for Coupled WC

Size:365x630x750 mm

Price – Rs 17,350

Rimless Bowl with cistern

Size: 380 x 610 x 805 mm

Price – Rs 17,900

Rimless Bowl with Cistern

Size: 420X710X810 Mm,

Price – Rs 25,500


Size:360x640x685 mm

Price – Rs 17,100


Single piece-WC

Size:370x690x680 mm

Price – Rs 12,400

Bowl with Cistern for Extended Wall Hung WC

Price – Rs 8,600

EWC with P Trap

Size: 365x560x400 mm

Price – Rs 3,450

EWC with Wall Hung Cistern, Drainage L Bend Pipe

Price – Rs 5,350

Jaquar Wall Hung Price List 2021


Jaquar Water Closet Details Jaquar Water Closet Images Jaquar Water Closet Price Jaquar Water Closet Images

Rimless Back to Wall Wc

Set Size: 410X570X420 Mm

Price – Rs 17,500

Rimless, Blind  Wall Hung WC – Black Matt Size:360x500x335 mm

Price – Rs 16,200

Wall Hung WC

Size:360x500x380 mm

Price – Rs 14,200

Rimless, Blind Installation Wall Hung WC

Size : 345x490x360 mm

Price – Rs 14,200

Rimless, Blind Installation Wall Hung WC – Black Matt

Size : 375x520x400 mm

Price – Rs 5,700

Jaquar Rimless Wall Hung WC Price


Price – Rs 11,500

Wall Hung-Bidet

Size: 360x570x345 mm

Price – Rs 13,300

Rimless Blind Installation Wall Hung WC

Size:355x525x380 mm

Price – Rs 17,300

Jaquar sanitary price list 2021 pdf

Jaquar Wash Basin Price List 2021


Jaquar Table Top Images Jaquar Table Top Images Jaquar Basin Price Details Jaquar Table Top Basin Images
Jaquar Wall Hung Basin

Size: 610X465X275 mm

Price – Rs 12,600


SIZE: 600x460x195 mm

Price – Rs 9,750

Thin Rim Table Top Basin – Black Matt

Size: 525x415x140mm

Price – Rs 8,400

Counter Top Basin

Size: 600x400x175mm

Price – Rs 6,090

Counter Top Basin

Size:505x435x175 mm

Price – Rs 7,000

Jaquar Table Top Basin Price

Size : 575x430x175 mm

Price – Rs 20,290

Thin Rim Table Top Basin

Size : 420x420x140 mm

Price – Rs 5,350

Wall Hung Integrated Basin

Size : 490x450x375 mm

Price – Rs 9,700

Table Top Basin

Size: 470 x 470 x 110mm

Price – Rs 5,750

Counter Top Basin

Size: 545 x 545 x 180mm

Price – Rs 6,500

Thin Rim Table Top Basin

Size: 600x410x100 mm

Price – Rs 6,490

Wall Hung Basin with Full Pedestal

Size: 560 x 470 x 190mm

Price – Rs 7,050

Wall Hung Basin with Half Pedestal

Size: 560 x 470 x 190mm

Price – Rs 6,500

Counter Top Basin

Size:570x420x180 mm

Price – Rs 9,000

Thin Rim Table Top Basin

Size: 450x450x110mm

Price – Rs 5,900


Wall Hung Corner Basin

Size: 310x450x170mm

Price – Rs 5,150

Jaquar Urinals Price List 2021




Price – Rs 4,100

Urinal (Top inlet)

Size:345x320x610 mm

Price – Rs 7,950


Size: 370x315x620mm

Price – Rs 7,800

Urinal with Fixing Accessories

Size:385x325x635 mm

Price – Rs 7,800


Jaquar Global Headquarters Address

Jaquar Group 

Plot No.3, Sector – 11 IMT Manesar, 

Gurgaon National Capital Region – 122050 

India 0124-4746800 


To Download the Jaquar Sanitary Ware catalog pdf, visitJaquar Official Website 

To know about Jaquar Dealers list, Visit Jaquar all Dealers List  

Disclaimer – This information is non promotional, created only to provide information about sanitary ware prices. This information is only for educational purposes. 

Note: The price mentioned for Jaquar sanitary price list 2021 in this article is referenced from the Jaquar .com company website. To get the latest price, contact your nearest Jaquar dealers or from the website. 

The images in this article have been taken from Jaquar Official Website. The price may change at any time. For final details, visit Jaquar Official Website for more information. 


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