Nileshbhai Jetpariya on Webinar of Ceramic

Key Observation by Nileshbhai Jetpariya on Webinar of Ceramic and Glass – Udhyog Manthan 2021

Key Observation by Nileshbhai Jetpariya on Webinar of Ceramic and Glass – Udhyog Manthan 

This article describes the key observations and brief description of Morbi Ceramic Industry by Nileshbhai Jetpariya as discussed on the Webinar of Ceramic and Glass. 

Udyog Manthan Webinar on Quality and Productivity in “Ceramics & Glass” which was held on 24-Feb-2021, Wednesday, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM which was organized BY DPIIT in association with QCI (Quality Council of India), NPC, BIS, Industry Associations, DoC and various concerned Ministries in India. 

Key Observation described by Nileshbhai Jetpariya on Webinar of Ceramic

India ceramics have exported ceramic products worth Rs 9000 crore in 2016. After that, there has been a 33 percent increase in 2019 which has reached Rs 12000 crore of export of ceramic products. 

Now for 2020-2021, it is expected to rise 25 percent in the Export of ceramic products from India. 

There has been a rise in the export market of ceramic products after Lockdown all over the world. Also export of ceramic products to the USA stands at second position from India in 2021. It is a very good achievement.  

Morbi Ceramic industrial cluster is the world’s second-largest producer, world largest manufacturing cluster making a variety of ceramic products at one geographic location, 250 square kilometers. 

Nileshbhai Jetpariya 


Nileshbhai Jetpariya on Webinar of Ceramic

  • President of Morbi ceramic association 
  • Director of Kera Vitrified & Sonex Vitrified LLP
  • Advisor of international standard organization 
  • Senior Vice chairman of Capexil

Important points discussed 

  • Develop infrastructure so that factories can provide competitive rates all over the world.
  • Increase Domestic and export trade. 
  • Improve land to port road connectivity
  • Improve Road and Sea transport 
  • Alternative fuel – LNG is the alternative fuel available and is the next generation for the ceramic manufacturing industry. It has less transport cost and is 35 percent cost-effective than currently fuel available. 

If the Road connectivity improves there will be less transport time and cost. 

Rail connectivity – if the rail connectivity improves from Rajasthan to Morbi, it will help easy availability for raw materials. 

The same benefits will be there in finished goods if the rail connectivity improved from Morbi to all over India. 

It will help to reduce the production cost and compete with the world market. 

After Lockdown there is a sudden increase in ocean freight, which has affected the export of ceramic products all over the world. 

Solving the above problems will help to grow the Ceramic products export growth, develop quality products and increase productivity

Highlight of Morbi Ceramic Industry 


Morbi Ceramic Industry plays a major role in the world ceramic market as it has newer technology machines for producing low-cost quality products and promotes growth in developing countries. 

Morbi has more than 950 manufacturing factories making all types of ceramic products. 

Other ceramic cluster are Thangadh and himatnagar.

For More Details regarding VisitList of more than 900 Ceramic Manufacutring plant in Morbi 

Why Morbi is a hub of Ceramic products manufacturing 

  1. Installment of industrial gas line pipeline (Gujarat Gas) 
  2. Easy availability of land and better infrastructure 
  3. Experience and skill manpower
  4. Investment support from Gujarat Government 
  5. Seaports – Mundra and Kandla are the nearest ports 
  6. Best quality Raw material 
  7. Digital Printing & Continua Press Technology 
  8. Latest automated technologies and equipment imported from all over the world 
  9. All Ceramics products available at one place

Many Leading ceramic tiles brand companies are outsourcing their requirements from Morbi

Morbi Ceramic industry is promoting Made In India products. The Morbi Ceramic Association plays an important role in the development and growth of the Morbi ceramic industry.

Morbi Ceramic factories produce all types of tiles such as Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Double charged, Nano Polished Tiles, large Porcelain slabs, Sanitary wares, Mosaic tiles, and many more flooring items that can decorate your home or offices.

The sizes format in tiles starts from as small as 8×12 Cm to large slab tiles 160×320 Cm. it is available in various designs, textures, colors, and sizes according to requirements.

For more details VisitWhy is Morbi called the Ceramic City of India? 

Udyog Manthan Webinar in “Ceramics & Glass” Discussed


1. “High prices of natural gas”-Sh. A.R. Unnikrishnan

2. “Lack of skill development”-Sh. Mayur Bhai Trivedi


1. “Bringing natural gas under GST”-Sh. A.R. Unnikrishnan

2. “Export of Indian ceramics has increased from Rs. 9000 crores to Rs. 12000 crores in the last 4 years”-Sh. Nilesh Jetpariya

Way Forward:

1. “Processing of minerals prior to supplying raw materials”-Sh. Mayur Bhai Trivedi

2. “Recycling to help the environment”-Dr. Suman Kumari Mishra

3. “Incentives to make the sector competitive”-Sh. Shreekant Somany

“In the last few years, the Ceramics sector has moved from the Indian subcontinent to over 55 countries”

Sh. Shreekant Somany, CMD, Somany Ceramics & Chairman, CII National MSME Council.

Facebook Page –  Quality Council of India 

Full Webinar Video Link- Youtube 



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