Ceramic Alumina balls

The Top 2 Types of Ceramic Alumina Balls used for Grinding in Morbi Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Alumina balls

Ceramic Alumina balls are a type of grinding balls used in ball mills. The Morbi ceramic tiles industry uses top 2 kinds of Alumina Ceramic balls such as 68%, and 92%. Alumina balls are used for grinding the raw material powder in ball mills.

The alumina balls are manufactured with the help of the alumina calcination process. It is made using ceramic clay materials mixed with various chemicals. 

AL2O3 Aluminium Tri Oxide – the more AL2O3, content the higher degree of calcination. 

Alumina balls have higher wear resistance than ordinary ceramic balls. It also keeps the purity of grinding material in ball mills. As the alumina balls have high density, it helps to reduce the grinding time, improves grinding efficiency, and saves time.  

Types of Ceramic Alumina Balls 

There are various types of alumina balls based on AL2O3 Percentages, such as regular alumina balls, medium alumina ball, high alumina ball, activated alumina ceramic ball, hole ceramic ball. 

This article will discuss two main types,’ 68% and 92% ceramic alumina ball’s used in the Morbi tiles industry.

Other types based on AL2O3 Percentage are 75% and 80%.

  • 68% Alumina Ball 

They are Medium alumina grinding balls and have 68 percent of AL2O3. The color of 68 percent alumina balls is brown

High wear-resisting: It has more increased wear-resistant than regular ceramic balls. It will keep the purity and increase the stability of grinding materials.

High Density: Due to high density, these balls have high hardness, saving the grinding time and increasing efficiency. 

The alumina grinding balls are used in ceramics, glaze making, pigment, and glass for continuous grinding applications. 

  • 92% Alumina balls 

The color of 92 percent alumina balls is pure white. It is expensive than 68%, 75%, and 80% alumina balls. 

High-quality balls are made of high-grade materials and have high density, high hardness, and low wear resistance. It is used in ceramic, refractory, mining, cement, and paint industries. 

Below is an image for 68 percent and 92 percent alumina balls

Alumina can be classified based on physical properties such as 

  • Sand – Small bulk density, smaller amount of AL2O3, strength is higher.
  • Intermediate – the material properties are between sand and flour. 
  • Flour – Large density, a large amount of AL2O3.

Properties of 92% Ceramic Alumina Balls

  • High mechanical strength
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Lower water absorption 
  • Better chemical stability
  • excellent thermal shock resistance  

Al2O3- 92% Technical data analysis 

  • Density – 3.6g/cm
  • Compressive strength – above 2,000mPa
  • Water absorption – less than 0.01%
  • Crushing strength – more than 520kN
  • Hardness – 9 Mohs
  • Size: 20 – 100mm 

Sizes available in Ceramic Alumina Balls

The sizes available in ceramic alumina balls are 30 MM, 40 MM, 50 MM, 60 MM. Other measures according to the requirement can be produced. 

Color available in Ceramic Alumina Balls

  • Yellow
  • Cream White
  • Brown  
  • Pure White

Packaging of Alumina Balls

The ceramic balls weigh from 10 grams and go up to 500 gm. For different sizes, there are various weight alumina balls. 

Weight of 1 bag – 25 Kg

1 Pallet of alumina balls have 40 bags

They are packed in wooden pallets – 1000x1000mm, and each pallet is of a weight of 1 ton.

Typical chemical analysis of alumina balls 

  • Al2O3 (%) ≥ 99 
  • SiO2 (%) ≤ 0.3 
  • Fe2O3 (%) ≤ 0.2 
  • MgO (%) ≤ 0.2 
  • Na2 O (%) ≤ 0.1 
  • K2O (%) ≤ 0.1

Properties of alumina balls

  • High density
  • Due to low silica content, these balls are designed for higher temperatures application 
  • It has high mechanical properties and high resistance to thermal stress
  • Low water absorption
  • Excellent wear resistance and high hardness 
  • Total corrosion absence
  • A smoother and uniform surface

Ceramic Alumina Balls in Morbi 

The alumina balls are available in various sizes and specifications as per the usage application in Morbi. 

Generally, in Morbi – the ceramic city of India, there are two types of alumina balls used

68 % – 60 mm and 98 % – 60 mm. 

The alumina balls are imported from China to India. Many importers in Morbi are importing from other countries such as Japan. 

There are also other types, such as natural balls, stones, and pebbles used for grinding ball mills. 

Ball mills used in ceramic tiles factories are of 40 ton and 60-ton capacity. Nowadays, the usage of 60-ton ball mills is more prevalent in Morbi ceramic factories. 

Benefits of Alumina balls in Ceramic Ball Mill

  • Reduce grinding time
  • Improve the utilization of ball mills
  • Decreasing the milling loss
  • Save electricity and costs 

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Application of Ceramic Alumina balls

Alumina balls are activated alumina balls that are used in ceramic tiles manufacturing. It is used in ball mills for grinding raw material powder. The 68 percent of grinding balls are primary used in ceramic tiles industries in Morbi. 

It is used in various ceramic and vitrified tiles factories. The alumina balls are filled in ball mills over a fixed interval duration. 

The raw materials powder is mixed with the help of water in ball mills. The alumina balls crush the powder into a fine slurry while rotating in the ball mill. The ball mill mixing time is around 6 to 8 hr

Alumina balls are used in wet grinding as well as dry grinding. Dry grinding is used in ceramic and mining industries. 

They are round-shaped grinding balls used in ball mills, glaze making to mix various powders and convert into even slurry.

Alumina balls Price 

The Price of 68 percent 60 mm alumina balls starts from Rs 30 per kg.   

If you are looking for a bulk purchase of alumina balls, look for china manufacturers of alumina balls. They are the majority of manufacturers of ceramic alumina balls. 

Ceramic Alumina Balls Distributor in Morbi 

If you are looking to purchase alumina balls in Morbi, check out the below company image details for ceramic alumina balls. 

Cignex Exim Uma International Morbi 
Mahek Enterprises -Hira Ceramics Japan  Dagong Mega Ceramic  AEON International

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