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Morbi News – Morbi Ceramic Association has set up a 65-ton Oxygen storage plant in Morbi.

Morbi News- Morbi Ceramic Association has set up a 65-ton Oxygen storage plant in Morbi. 

Morbi news – Morbi Ceramic Association and many service organization members of Morbi have completed a 65-ton oxygen storage plant in Morbi on 27 April 2021. It will help to refill more than 1000 oxygen bottles per day—Morbi news.

On 2nd May 2021, the Government have allocated 14 tons of liquid oxygen and will supply continues as per requirements. The plant was started on 2nd May 2021. 

The Morbi Ceramic association have approved the plant in just 4 days after the construction has been completed.

Special thanks to Acer Granito which has helped to set up the oxygen plant at their factory site.

The 14-ton liquid oxygen has been received to the plant on 02-05-2021.

Presidents of Morbi Ceramic Association Nilesh Jetpariya, Mukeshbhai Kundaria, and Mukesh Patel have played an essential role in setting up the plant.

After starting this plant, Morbi district people will get a significant relief of the oxygen storage currently it is facing. The oxygen cylinder will be used for other districts in Morbi providing to health centres, hospitals and many other places.

Currently, there is an oxygen shortage all over India. The patients in the Morbi district will get significant relief after this oxygen plant has started in Morbi. After the government allocates the liquid oxygen quota, this plant will refill 1000 cylinders of oxygen daily.

How the oxygen plant have completed

  • On 07/04/21, the committee has decided to collect the old cylinders that help solve the shortage of oxygen. After two days, committee members gathered more than 300 cylinders.
  • After that, the ceramic association member has discussed with various suppliers and with the help of different the industrialist brought the new cylinders on 15/04/21.
  • The committee members have set up an oxygen plant in Morbi from 21 to 27 April 2021; many people did the workday and night continuous for six days. On 28, the plant was set up completed and was waiting for liquid oxygen to arrive.
  • The team members have completed this oxygen storage plant of 65 tons capacity in 7 days. Many other people have helped to finish this project on time.

Morbi Ceramic Association has been helping many other social services around morbi district. Morbi news

The required Petroleum and Explosive Safety License has also been obtained with the help of MP Mohanbhai Kundaria’s. The committee members have obtained all license and necessary documents in a short period.

This plant will provide 1000 oxygen Cylinder Refill in a day. It will give oxygen to many patients at various places.

Now Morbi people will see relief in oxygen supply as the 65-ton oxygen plant has started. The Oxygen Plant is situated at Acer Granito which is situated at lakhdhirpur Road, Morbi.


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