Morbi Ceramic Industry

Morbi Ceramic Industry Scenario – October 2020

In this article, I will share the Present Morbi Ceramic Industry report, news related to Morbi Ceramic, New updates to tiles. 

Morbi Ceramic Industry News

Currently, more than 90 Percent of Manufacturing Plants in Morbi is running at Full Production capacity due to the demands from Domestic as well as International market. Many Factories have more than 1 Month Pending orders.

Currently, now more than 40 New Ceramic Manufacturing plants in Morbi are on the way to fulfill the demands for local as well as international demand. The new plants are equipped with the latest technology and modern automation.

The average Rs 50 to 80 crore investment is required per factory for manufacturing large ceramic and vitrified tiles.

The current rise in the demand for ceramic tiles in the Domestic market is due to the demand from the International market. The Higher demands from the various European countries, the Middle East, the USA, and African countries have created a rise in the export of ceramic products.

Thus, many manufactures have started taking advanced orders for meeting the export demands. It has created a shortage in the domestic market in India, so there are now higher demands in the local market for better products.

The new factories will be ready by year-end 2020 in Morbi. It will help to fulfill the demands of the international market as well as the domestic market.

Tiles export have increased by more than 20 percent. There has been a significant rise in Morbi ceramic manufacturing after lockdown. Ceramic industry more than Rs 15000 crore turnover.

There has been an increase in transportation fares for domestic freight up to 10 percent and export freight 30 to 40 percent. This has been a major worry for manufactures and exporter in Morbi. As the hike may have increased the cost for ceramic products and created a shortage for vessels.

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Positive impact on factories

As the demand for Glazed Vitrified Tiles and Large Porcelain Slabs have high demand in International Ceramic Markets, it has given a boost to Morbi ceramic units. The demand from European countries as well as American countries has been seen the rise of ceramic tiles.

As the Government has helped to reduce the gas bills before it has given additional benefits to Morbi manufacturing companies. This has been benefited to Indian Ceramics Industry as Gas Prices are reduced by Rs 2.50 per SCM.

The Gujarat Government in September 2020 has announced a reduction of Rs 2.50 per SCM. It will reduce the 16 percent gas bill as compared to May 2020.

From the last 3 years the major Problems were due to GST, Liquidity problem, Raw Material Problems, now after lockdown there is a rise in demand for ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.

Morbi Ceramic Industry

Currently, in Morbi there are near about 450 Wall Tiles manufacturing units, 300 Vitrified Tiles Manufacturing Units, 100 Sanitary Ware manufacturing units and, 100 Floor & Parking Tiles Manufacturing units are there in Morbi District.

Tiles such as Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT-PGVT), Double Charge Tiles, Nano Polished Vitrified tiles, Full Body Tiles, Parking Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Large Porcelain Slabs are manufactured in Morbi.

Sanitary ware products are manufactured according to the requirements of international standard and customer requirements.

The fact that many units are situated in Morbi is due to Easy Availability of Raw material, Continuous Gas and Electricity Supply, Abundant labor, Availability of industrial gas line (PNG), Nearest Seaports Mundra and Kandla, and latest automated technologies and newer equipment imported from all over the world.

Morbi has also seen a rise in the export of sanitary ware products for the Middle East, Europe, America, North America, Thailand, and many more countries.

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