Morbi Ceramic Directory Map 2022

Morbi Ceramic Directory Map 2022

If you are looking for the latest Morbi Ceramic directory map 2022, then this article will help to get the tiles manufacturer list with the location in Map. This Morbi ceramic Directory shows the ceramic factories located in the morbi area. 

Morbi Ceramic Directory Map 2022 

Morbi ceramic directory map is best useful to those who are planning to buy and sell tiles. It helps importers, exporters, dealers, and people to know the tile manufacturer location of the map. 

Whenever any dealers, importers, customers, and architects visit morbi to purchase tiles, the main problem they face is the location of tile factories. They are not able to locate factories in morbi. 

Morbi ceramic zone business map 2022 Sample Images

Download Latest Morbi Ceramic Directory Map 2022 

As you can see the above image of the ceramic map directory shows various factories marked in the location. This map helps to guide looking to tiles manufacturers. this will help to locate the tiles manufactures while visiting morbi. 

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In this article, I will describe the ceramic tiles industry map location in morbi. Also, I will explain the main roads in morbi where you can purchase tiles. 

Morbi is known as the Ceramic City of India as more than 1000 factories are manufacturing vitrified tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, double charge tiles, slab tiles, gvt-pgvt tiles, and many more.

This Morbi Ceramic zone business map 2022 was published by Riddhi Publication Rajkot. 

Total tiles company in morbi

There are approx 1100 Tiles and sanitaryware manufacturers in the Morbi area. It includes floor tiles, wall tiles, gvt tiles, nano tiles, double charge tiles, slab tiles, and sanitary wares. 

For a list of Morbi ceramic tiles and sanitaryware manufacturer visit- Morbi Ceramic Tiles Manufactures List

How to plan before visiting morbi 

1- Check the roads 

There are major areas in morbi by which we can classify according to roads such as 

  • Rafaleshwar Road– Bhadiyad, Lilapar canal 
  • Pipli-Jetpar Road – Pipli, Rangpar, Bela
  • Morbi Halvad Road – Unchi mandal, Nichi Mandal, 
  • Ghuntu Road – Ghuntu 
  • Shobheshvar Road
  • Lakhdhirpur Road- 
  • Lalpar Area 
  • Jambudiya Road – Paneli 
  • Sartanpar Road– Ratavirada
  • Matel Road – Dhuva, Lunsar Road 
  • Gala Road – Jetpar, Sapar, Pavdyarim Aniyari 
  • Khokhra Hanuman Road

The main road which connects Morbi is National highway 8A (NH8-A).

2- Select the type of tiles required

If you are planning to visit morbi to buy tiles, sanitary wares, washbasin, and the kitchen sink, first of all, you need to make a list of items you are looking for. 

Nowadays, the first and the best option to search for vitrified tiles manufacturers’ locations is to head over the google maps. It shows the factory location, contact details, and reviews. 

But to find the list of tile manufacturers according to the type of tiles and sizes, it’s difficult to check on google maps, due to the non-availability of data.

There are various apps that helps to know the tiles factory location, but to know each and every factory in a single map is very difficult. So we have arranged a single map which shows the Morbi tiles manufactures business zone. 

In this ceramic directory map, you will get the name of all the following manufacturers.

  1. Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT-PGVT) 
  2. Double charge vitrified tiles
  3. Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles
  4. Slab Tiles Manufacturers
  5. Wall tiles
  6. Floor Tiles
  7. Parking Tiles 
  8. Sanitaryware

You can also check the latest Morbi Ceramic Directory 2022 Map which is available to download at the link below. you can get the latest ceramic tiles directory 2022 with PFD and Hd images.


You can also get the latest map through my mobile number- +91-9904807090 

Download Morbi Ceramic Directory Map PDF 2022 

Download Latest Morbi Ceramic Directory Map 2022


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